10 Dangerous Daniels Movies


Gary Daniels  is an English actor and retired professional and amateur kickboxer who scored 33 knockout victories, and a former World Light-heavyweight Kickboxing Champion (P.K.A.) Gary is best known for playing Kenshiro in the movie adaption of Fist Of The North Star and starring as a villain in the Jackie Chan movie City Hunter.  Daniels is already a stapled a legit badass, so lets take a look at the top 10 ‘Dangerous Daniels’ movies….in no particular order…


10. Hawks Vengeance (1996)

Eric Hawke a British Marine, attends the funeral of his policeman brother Jack ‘Soldier’ Kelly (That’s right action fans Lorenzo Lamas’s character from Snake eater), who he discovers has been attempting to investigate the mysterious kidnappings and murders of a local Asian street gang. The clues seem to point to a rival Nazi white supremacist gang as the culprits, but Lizzie (Hawke’s brother’s partner in the police force) is not so sure: she suspects a larger conspiracy which involves one of the city’s most powerful crime bosses, a man by the name of Garr (Cass Magda). As the body count rises, Eric, Lizzie and young Asian gang member Lipo Chung race to uncover the truth behind the murders, before more missing gang members wash up on the beach with missing organs.


9. Deadly Target (1994)

Hong Kong police detective Charles Prince (Gary Daniels) arrives in Los Angeles to extradite a notorious Chinese gangster back to Hong Kong for trial. But soon, his suspect escapes. With the help of renegade cop Jim Jenson (Ken McLeod) and beautiful Pai Gow dealer Diana Tang (Susan Byun), Prince tracks the ruthless gangster down. Soon, Prince, Jenson, and Tang get caught in the middle of an explosive Triad Gang War that leaves Chinatown drenched in blood and littered with bodies.


8. Bloodmoon (1997)

Serial killer expert Detective Ken O’Hara (Gary Daniels) comes out of retirement when a martial arts expert (Darren Shahlavi) starts killing the champions of combat sports. O’Hara is partnered with Detective Chuck Baker (Chuck Jeffreys), a wise cracking cop and together they must track down and stop the serial killer before he strikes again.


7. Recoil (1998)

When Los Angeles Police Department officers kill a young bank robber after a brutal bank heist, the slain criminal’s father, mob boss Vincent Sloan, unleashes a blood bath on the police force. One by one, Detective Ray Morgan’s (Gary Daniels) partners are gunned down, but when his family is murdered, Morgan has nothing left to live for – except revenge. Becoming an unstoppable one man army, Morgan goes on the ultimate hunt for justice.


6. Rage (1995)

Alex Grainer (Gary Daniels) falls victim to the underground operations of a black laboratory, where he as one of their ‘lab rats’ is injected with a lethal chemicals known to induce murderous fits of rage that cause people to kill without conscience. Alex escapes from the lab, but is hunted by scores of police who think he is a dangerous man. His only hope is a television reporter who can help him prove his innocence, as Alex races against time to find the antidote.


5. Riot (1996)

Its Christmas Eve in Washington. Peace on earth becomes hell as elite British SAS Major Shane Alcott and his partner Major Williams fight their way through riot torn streets – to rescue the daughter of a British Ambassador, who is being held by vicious kidnappers. When the kidnap gang are revealed as a front for ruthless I.R.A. mercenaries, democracy is at stake.


4. White Tiger (1996)

When D.E.A. agent Mike Ryan (Gary Daniels) undertakes the huge task of avenging the brutal murder of his partner John Grogan, he finds he must fight both sides; the murderer and his double crossing police buddies. Now with the unexpected help of the lovely Jade, he must confront the new generation of the Chinese underworld and fight like a “White Tiger”.


3. Forced To Fight (2012)

Blackmailed back into the arena by a ruthless crime boss, a former underground fighting legend must survive a gauntlet of savage matches where losing just one fight… means losing it all.


2. Rumble (2016)

An aging former MMA champ is forced into a deadly Mexican underground fight circuit to save his kidnapped girlfriend. Hunted down by rival mobs and a Mexican detective, he must beat the circuit ringleader at his own game to save the girl and escape.


1. Fist Of The North Star (1995)

In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of World War III, what’s left of the human race scrounges for survival. The world has become a place where the strong lord their power over the weak, and the strongest of all is a man named Shin (Mandylor). Years before, Shin was a student of a martial art school called the “Southern Cross”. In pursuit of becoming the most powerful man alive, Shin murdered the master of the rival “North Star” art (McDowell), breaking the ancient tradition that the masters of the North and South schools must never fight. Afterwards, Shin and his gang sought out the North Star’s successor, his former friend Kenshiro (Daniels). Finding Kenshiro with his fiancee – and their shared love interest – Julia (Washio), Shin defeated Kenshiro and left him for dead. Back in the current time, a lone man wanders from settlement to settlement seeking out the Crossmen. He soon finds them after a group attack the homestead that gave him shelter for the night, and we see that this is actually Kenshiro, still alive.





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