100 Acres Of Hell (2019)

Directed By: Hank Leigh Hump

Starring: Gene Snitsky, Jeff Swanton, Ernie O’Donnell & Sam Anoa’i

Synopsis: For three years Buck Severs, world wrestling superstar, has been MIA. After a family tragedy and a major injury in the ring Buck decides to return to “Bro’s Weekend” with his three best friends and try to gain some perspective on his life. But
Buck learns a little too late that the weekend will take place on a wildlife preserve, closed for 40 years, a vast, densely forested no-man’s land of no laws, no rangers and no rules. He will also find out, a little too late, that on the preserve lives a wild man, a
feral and inbred killer whose one pleasure is to hunt the humans that dare to trespass onto his domain.
It will be up to Buck to find the fighter within himself if he is to survive the weekend, and if he is to win the ultimate wrestler versus psycho killer mountain man smack down!

Review: I was lucky enough to receive an advanced preview of this movie. It is billed as an action horror and takes place in a forest with people being hunted. I was hooked immediately.

The movie opens with a good old fashioned introduction to our killer which was very reminiscent of the classic slasher genre in the 80’s, the lighting, the forest, the thick and of course a hulking figure armed with a weapon.

We cut forward to our hero Buck Severs a big burly, beanie wearing badass who looks like he would pick up and snap Jason Voorhees in half. Buck was a pro wrestler whose career ended after an injury. His friends want to go on a camping weekend away and party. They use Bucks fame to try pick up girls and in general come across as complete jerks. But Buck accepts them and we are not going to argue with him. While on the way to the place the guys are going to camp they stop at a local shop to gather supplies and we get to meet the typical old timer that echoes out the warning, which I never get sick of seeing. No slasher movie is complete without a warning off an old timer right?

Eventually our group gets to their destination and from there the movie kicks it up a notch. We get to hear a camp ghost story of the local legend Serial killer Jeb Tucker. Who of course is watching and OF COURSE kind of gets mocked in said story. So phase one is done… Killer is pissed off and wants to off these guys.

Jeb doesn’t waste time in playing cat and mouse he waits and then he brutally goes in for the kill which to be honest I liked. He is like an animal he stalks and when the time is right he delivers the killing blow. The kills in this movie are quite spectacular and it didn’t look like there was next to any CGI used, it all seemed very old school which I loved.

The only bit that left me a little puzzled was the ending and I would like to ask the writers or directors a few questions to help me get a better grasp on the twist presented.

The movie is great in every way, it was very much like a classic B-movie horror you would have watched in the 80’s like Madman meets Friday The 13th Meets The Hills Have Eyes. Gene Snitsky made such a lasting impression and I hope to see him in more movies to come.

I would recommend this movie to action and horror fans for sure. If you loved classics such as Madman, Friday The 13th, The Hills Have Eyes then check this out. If your more recent and liked The Horde or Wrong Turn 2 then this is for you.

The movie is a brutal, blood soaked ride that will have you against the ropes the whole time, it’s a fun throwback to when horror movies were fun!!


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