13 Minutes (2021) Review

Directed by: Lindsay Gossling

Starring: Trace Adkins, Thora Birch, Peter Facinelli, Anne Heche, Amy Smart, Sofia Vassilieva, Will Peltz, Shaylee Mansfield

Synopsis: The day starts out as usual for residents in the small Heartland town of Minninnewah. It’s springtime and big storms are just part of life. Nothing to get worked up about…until they are. Inhabitants will have just 13 Minutes to get to shelter before the largest tornado on record ravages the town, leaving the inhabitants searching for their loved ones and fighting for their lives. In the wake of total devastation, four families must overcome their differences and find strength in themselves and each other in order to survive.

Review: 13 Minutes is a tornado movie with a twist.

There is an enticing focus on the characters, rather than the tornado stealing all the attention. This character building really makes the viewers feel panic when the tornado hits.

13 Minutes also touches on some of the problems of modern society and pulls on our heart strings. We witness a character’s fear of disclosing their sexual orientation to family and friends, the ongoing daily racism that people face, the hardships of an unplanned pregnancy, and the disability discrimination that comes with being deaf. I applaud movies that use their platform to educate. Director, Lindsay Gossling, used realistic scenarios in this heart-warming disaster movie to promote equality and kindness.

Visually, the effects for the storm and tornado are unbelievable; it’s very fast, equally ferocious, and you really feel on edge. The destruction and devastation caused by the tornado uses amazing effects too. We see the tornado hit a house from the inside POV, making an intense moment, to say the least. A group take refuge inside a fridge but the debris hits it at such force that it seems as though it will pierce straight through. It leaves us quaking, wondering if they will ever see the light of day again. The whole sequence felt as though it came straight from a tornado survival guide.

Overall, I can say that 13 Minutes will blow you away (pun intended!). The story is highly relatable, with plenty of realistic situations that the characters went through. The special effects are amazing, and when the tornado hits, it’s quick and devastating. The tornado itself looks amazing on screen. The aftermath is also shown, which is rare in these movies, and we get to see how each of the characters’ stories are rounded off; we get the closure that we wanted. 13 Minutes is very much worth everyone’s time!