Michael Dudikoff is an American actor best known for his work in the American Ninja franchise and Avenging Force which is a sequel to the 1985 Chuck Norris movie, Invasion USA.                                                    Michael Dudikoff had no martial arts training previous to making the first American Ninja movie but he was already very athletic. Fight choreographer Mike Stone, who was an accomplished Martial Arts expert assured the producers that he would pick up the moves.He since trained in karate, aikido, judo and in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He began his training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Rorion Gracie and stays connected with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighting circuit, including Rigan Machado, an eighth degree red and black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and former world champion.                              Let’s take a look at 5 of Dudikoffs deadliest movies….in no particular order…

5. Avenging Force

A retired secret service agent, Captain Matt Hunter (Michael Dudikoff), takes on a sinister right-wing political organization called the Pentangle. He comes to the aid of his best friend Larry Richards (Steve James), an African-American politician who has become a target for the Pentangle’s henchmen. Impressed by Hunter’s martial arts skills, the Pentangle leaders try to persuade him to join their cause and kidnap his sister Sarah (Gereighty) to make sure he cooperates. Hunter takes on the Pentangle one man at a time.

4. Chain Of Command

Anti-terrorist operative Merrill Ross (Michael Dudikoff) gets caught in the middle of a deadly international conflict in this explosive adventure. Danger lurks around every corner as Ross tries to thwart a plot to seize control of Qumir and its oil fields. Tailed by agents and a death squad, Ross dodges bullets and barely survives an oil depot blast as he tries to find out who’s behind the mercenary scheme.


3. River Of Death

In the nightmarish last days of the Third Reich, a psychotic Nazi scientist (Robert Vaughn) escapes to the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. Years later, a mysterious incurable disease breaks out among the natives and adventurer John Hamilton (Michael Dudikoff) is hired to lead investigators on a search for the cause. Braving bloodthirsty river pirates, hostile native tribes and headhunting cannibals, Hamilton, guides a group of explorers up the deadly Rio del Morte to the fabulous lost Inca city.


2. The Human Shield

The film begins in Northern Iraq, in 1985, during the Iran–Iraq War. Colonel Doug Matthews (Dudikoff), a U.S. Marine hired to help train Iraqi troops to fight off the Iranians, arrives somewhere in the northern part of Iraq only to discover that Iraqi troops are killing people in the nearby village. Doug disagrees with this and attacks Dallai, the leader of the Iraqi troops, but loses. Five years later, in August, at Baghdad Airport, the news reports that Iraq has invaded Kuwait and that all foreign nationals are to be evacuated. However, Ben Matthews (Tommy Hinkley), Doug’s diabetic brother, who is a teacher, is taken away from his wife and child by Iraqi guards for interrogation and is held hostage to lure Doug in to a trap.


1. American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

Now promoted to Army Rangers, Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) and Curtis Jackson (Steve James) are sent to a remote Caribbean island to aid the Marine Corps in investigating the disappearance of many of its Marines. The commanding officer, “Wild Bill” Woodward (Jeff Weston) briefs them on the situation: four marines were captured, but he doesn’t know who or what they are since terrorism is out of the question. A boy named Toto (Elmo Fillis) is the only witness when he saw two Marines get beat up by a gang and then taken by a group of men in black suits. Both men look at each other, realizing that they’ve been in this situation before, The two discover The Lion (Gary Conway) has been kidnapping the missing marines and having them brainwashed to join his army of assassins.


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