Andy Edwards on his latest slasher movie, Punch

Director Andy Edwards offers a fascinating glimpse into the creative tapestry of his latest venture, “Punch,” a slasher movie that dives into the eerie world of British seaside towns. In a genre often steeped in darkness, Edwards infuses the narrative with a touch of folklore, drawing inspiration from the unsettling tales of Punch & Judy. What makes “Punch” stand out is its unexpected exploration of the Disney horror scene, a terrain less trodden in the horror genre. Edwards discusses the delicate balance of embracing the dark tones inherent in the folklore while hinting at the potential whimsy akin to a Disney-like setting. Beyond the macabre puppetry, Edwards also hints at his venture into producing an action movie, showcasing his versatility as a filmmaker. As he navigates the complexities of horror and action, Edwards shares his perspective on what British horror means to him, offering a glimpse into the passion and creativity driving his cinematic endeavors.

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