Apex Predator (2021) Review

Directed by: Edward Drake

Starring: Bruce Willis, Neal McDonough, Alexia Fast, Lochlyn Munro

Synopsis: LET THE HUNT BEGIN. Serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit, Jim (Bruce Willis – Die Hard, McClane) is offered a chance of freedom. But the price of freedom could be his life as he finds himself face to face with the world’s greatest hunters… traps, guerrilla warfare and all out violence. Will Jim survive this murderous game of cat and mouse, or will the hunters discover just how far he will go to survive APEX? Also starring Neal McDonough (Minority Report) and Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher), Apex Predator was written and directed by Edward Drake (Broil) with additional writing from Corey Large (Anti-Life).

Review: Bruce Willis returns in Apex Predator, which is essentially a sci-fi version of Hard Target.

Written and directed by Edward Drake, Apex Predator stars Bruce Willis, who has been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Given the chance of freedom and to reunite with his family, he jumps into the world of human hunting, becoming a fresh target for a group of elite hunters.

Bruce lurks in the bushes, biding his time to take out the enemies, while Neal McDonough takes centre stage and delivers an entertaining performance as Rainsford – who would be classed as the alpha among the team of hunters. Neal McDonough is known for two things – 1) always delivering a standout performance and 2) the dude doesn’t age! I remember the days of him in the show Boomtown and he still looks the same!

Lochlyn Munro co-stars, as readers will know, I’m a huge fan of Lochlyn Munro, anything with his name attached is always a go-to for me, there is no genre Lochlyn hasn’t jumped into which always makes his roles and performances a breath of fresh air.

Action fans will love the finale of Apex Predator, this is when Bruce racks up his traditional body count. Director Edward Drake and Bruce Willis seem to have a good working relationship and Drake always manages to get a glimmer of Classic Bruce into his movies, whether it be a one-liner or action sequence, you can tell he makes the most of the limited time he has with Willis.

Overall, Apex Predator showcases Neal Mcdonough as a leading man, a role in which he should be cast more often. Bruce Willis gets to pop up and annihilate some bad guys in typical Bruce fashion. Drake writes a great story and it would be incredible to see what he could do with more time and a bigger budget, his influence from cinema show up throughout the films he makes, you can tell all his projects are made with passion.