“Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life” A New Toolkit for Success by Arnold Schwarzenegger

A black and white photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his book title printed over: "Be useful: Seven Tools For Life"

Cover for "Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life" by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man of many hats—legendary actor, bodybuilder, and former Governor of California—has added another feather to his cap with “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life.” In this powerful and straightforward book, Schwarzenegger shares his mental toolkit, distilled from a lifetime of ceaseless reinvention and exceptional achievement. He demonstrates how these tools can help anyone carve their path to success and live a meaningful life.

The Schwarzenegger Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life story is nothing short of spectacular, and it certainly didn’t happen by accident. Throughout the book, he imparts his wisdom on what it takes to achieve success on your terms. He breaks it down into seven essential rules, providing valuable insights for those looking to discover their true purpose in life. Here are some of the varied tips that he tells of.

  1. Vision and Clarity: Schwarzenegger emphasises the importance of setting clear goals and having a strong vision.
  2. Think Big: Dream without limitations and embrace ambition. Small thinking can lead to small results.
  3. Relentless Work Ethic: Schwarzenegger’s own work ethic is legendary, and he advocates for hard work as a key to success.
  4. Lifelong Learning: Continual learning and growth are at the core of Schwarzenegger’s success story.
  5. Use Success to Help Others: One of the central tenets of the book is the idea that success should be used to benefit others. It’s not just about personal achievement but about giving back.

This book is more than just a self-help guide. It’s a glimpse into the mind of a man who has conquered several realms, a practical manual for meaningful living. Schwarzenegger shares his insights through compelling personal stories, including both his remarkable successes and his humbling failures.

Making the Most of Your Life

“Be Useful” is not just about personal growth; it’s about making the most out of your life, irrespective of where you start. Schwarzenegger’s toolkit emphasizes the power of determination, hard work, and a commitment to a larger purpose. He underscores the idea that no one is coming to save you; you are your own saviour. This may sound like a tough love approach, but Schwarzenegger is living proof that it works.

At the heart of Schwarzenegger’s philosophy is the notion of being “useful”. This is a concept he learned from his father, even though his own interpretation of it led him on a very different path. The book asks a poignant question: “Be useful to whom?”. Schwarzenegger doesn’t provide a simple answer, leaving readers to ponder their own interpretation.

In a world where self-help books sometimes encourage selfishness, Schwarzenegger advocates for using success to benefit others. He reminds us that personal success can be a powerful force for positive change.

Action Reloaded’s Verdict

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life” is a straightforward and inspirational guide for those who aspire to lead meaningful lives. The wisdom contained within these pages encourages readers to dream big, work hard, and harness the power of success to make a difference in the world.

This book is not just for fans of Schwarzenegger’s films or bodybuilding career; it’s for anyone seeking guidance on achieving their goals and finding their purpose. It’s a reminder that success is attainable for those who are willing to follow the seven tools for life.

★★★★☆ Action Reloaded

“Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life” by Arnold Schwarzenegger is published by Ebury Publishing and is available in hardback with 288 pages. Released October, 2023.

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