Black Water – JCVD & Dolph Lundgren

Black Water (2018)

Starring: Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Jasmine Waltz & Patrick Kilpatrick

Directed By: Pasha Patriki


Action superstar Jean Claude Van Damme stars as Wheeler a deep cover C.I.A. agent. Wheeler has some top secret information that if in the wrong hands could spell trouble for the whole United States and completely destroy the C.I.A. as luck would have it, Wheeler gets captured and framed for murder and when he awakes he finds himself a prisoner aboard a top secret submarine prison. With the help of a fellow prisoner named Marco (Dolph Lundgren), Wheeler must escape and prove his innocence.


From the trailers and movie description I expected it to be the B-Movie equivalent of Stallone and Schwarzenegger movie Escape Plan. Sadly this wasn’t the case. The movie centered around Van Dammes character Wheeler and a sidekick called Taylor ( Jasmine Waltz, who was just so frustrating to watch as her character was unconvincing, coming from being on Big Brother to this, she brought the movie down). Dolph Lundgren spends the majority of the movie in his cell, when he finally gets out we get around 3-5mins of screen time of Dolph then he disappears from the movie. Sadly it was disappointing for me as I expected Dolph and JCVD to be side by side fighting off waves of henchmen but that wasn’t the case. There is nothing note worthy of a fight scene, JCVD Doesn’t throw any high kicks or there isn’t a big villain fight. For what the movie advertises I personally think it could have been such a great action movie. On a plus note Dolph looked to be hamming up every scene he was in, JCVD still looks bored and tired, it does seem he has more enthusiasm here than he did in Kill ’em All. Overall I’d recommend for fans of JCVD or Dolph Lundgren, new comers check out the Universal Soldier franchise for a solid fix of these two action stars.

Reviewed By Jeff Turner


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