Boon (2022) Review

Directed by: Derek Presley

Starring: Neal McDonough, Tommy Flanagan, Christiane Seidel,Christina Ochoa

Synopsis: In BOON, mercenary Nick Boon (McDonough) is trying to atone for his life as an enforcer for a merciless syndicate. Running from his past, he moves to a remote area in the Pacific Northwest where he meets a struggling widow (Seidel) and her son. Boon finds the pair living in fear of a criminal kingpin (Flanagan) who has taken up residence on their land. Knowing that their lives are in danger, he has no choice but to act as the pair race to defend everything they hold dear.

Review: Neal McDonough returns as hitman Nick Boon in the aptly titled Boon. 

Boon tells the story of a hitman laying low, he’s out of the life and has a bounty on his head, anyone that has tried to claim the bounty has failed. Our opening sees a hitman [a cameo from Jason Scott Lee] trying to claim the bounty and failing, in the process he wounds Boon which leads to him crossing paths with widow Catherine and her son.

As luck would have it, Catherine is allowing crime boss Mr Fitzgerald [Tommy Flanagan]  to run a smuggling tunnel on her land. When one of the hired goons on the site of the tunnel tries to attack Catherine, Boom steps in and defends her. This opens up a can of worms that now has Fitzgerald gunning for Catherine and her son. 

Boon is a slow-burn crime thriller, the first 50 minutes are quite slow with very few action sequences throughout. When we get to the finale and get our shootout, it’s welcomed. Boon uses a spoon to dispatch a good brutally and efficiently which is a highlight. While the finale is fun it doesn’t last long enough. .

The movie sets up a third movie with Boon still on the run, if there is another entry some action diced throughout wouldn’t hurt. 

Overall, Boon isn’t what I expected and could easily pass off as an afternoon TV movie. Though Neal McDonough is great in the role and he always brings something special to the screen, it just wasn’t enough to save Boon.