Boy Kills World -A Fast paced brutal blaze of glory

Boy Kills World is a balls to the wall action bloodfest that will have action fans on the edge of their seats. 

Buckle up and sit back for an unhealthy dose of adrenaline as we follow Boy on his bloody, brutal and no holds barred path of vengeance and destruction. Boy is raised by a shaman and taught how to be a lethal killing machine, learning close quarters combat and how to use weapons and practically any household item as a deadly weapon. Boy is barreling towards Hilda Van Der Koy, the leader of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Hilda murdered Boy’s family, leaving him without a voice and deaf. Guided by his inner voice and the apparition of his sister, Boys sets out on a quest of blood soaked vengeance where only one thing is clear, avenge his family.

Director Mortiz Mohr leaves no stone unturned in creating fun ways for Boy to dispatch anyone who stands in his way, a memorable scene is one involving a cheese grater. The scene is short, brutal and memorable and you can instantly relate to the pain, you will be sure to wince! 

Yayan Ruhian is perfectly cast as the Shaman who trains Boy to be the ruthless killer he becomes.Yayan also gets a really cool fight scene that mirrors the intense furioisty of his final fight in The Raid. Fast paced and with some breathtaking choreography. 

Bill Skarsgard clearly put in so much effort with his physique and his ability to pull off such complex and daring fight and action scenes. It is very obvious he put in some Tom Cruise style dedication to deliver a memorable performance. Bill was perfectly cast as Boy and it has hyped me for his role in The Crow. Bill is a powerhouse! 

Fans of the hit show, Warrior, will spot its leading star Andrew Koji in a non martial arts based role. Andrew’s character, Bosho is more comedic but nevertheless he is loyal and badass. Along with Isiah Mustafa’s Benny, they are part of the ending’s epic finale, one that will have action fans 100% satisfied. 

Boy Kills World is an action fan’s dream. With jaw dropping action and brutal and bloody set pieces.

The finale, well, that’s where all us action fans get our wildest dreams played out, we get the Vs many goons fight which has so many unique deaths, not to mention the many shotgun head explosions! Which then leads to a showdown with an armored Juggernaut carrying twin miniguns, which then thrusts us into a Vs a huge turret scene which has a great segment of overkill, this is all in the same segment!  The action is totally insane and balls to the wall brilliant. It’s a playground for action fans. 

The finale is an all out fast paced brutal blaze of glory that will leave you gasping for air.

Director Mortiz Mohr has created an intriguing universe that will have fans wanting to deep dive further into and learn more about these characters and their journey. Boy Kills World holds its own in the action genre. This movie may be pitted as John Wick meets The Raid but let me assure you this isn’t a cheap carbon copy of movies we have seen, this is a standalone unique creation from the mind of Mortiz and Co that has them play out all their cinematic battles that they can imagine in their heads. THIS MOVIE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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