Bulletproof (2020) Review

Bulletproof/ Crown Vic (2020)

Directed By: Joel Souza

Starring: Thomas Jane, Luke Kleintank

Synopsis: An intense, gritty and riveting crime thriller following two LAPD officers as they hunt two cop killers on the loose in a city about to boil over. Training Day meets End of Watch, Bulletproof is a brutal look at the extreme danger and unthinkable sacrifices police officers face when they commit to serve and protect the public. Starring Thomas Jane (The Mist), Luke Kleintank (Man in the High Castle) and Bridgit Moynahan.

Review: Thomas Jane returns with another strong performance since his last release The Vanished.

Thomas Jane plays Ray Mandel a veteran police officer who is assigned a rookie partner too accompany him on his night patrol of the city.

The movies synopsis suggests we would be in for a shoot ’em up type movie. There is not any big action sequences or car chases, Bulletproof/ Crown Vic is a gripping, tense thriller.

Fans of David Ayer or Antoine Fuqua will love this movie. Bulletproof/Crown Vic is along the lines of Training Day meets End Of Watch or for TV series terms Southland meets Cops. The movie has such an on-edge feel too it, you never know what the characters will face next.

The movies main plot involving bank robbers is not what has you hooked. Learning more about Thomas Janes character Ray and his career on the force grabs your attention. Rays personal motives for the night are what have you hooked. As the movie and his character progress we begin to peel back the layers and get drawn into this complex, intriguing world that Joel Souza has created.

The ability Thomas Jane has too bring a character too life and suck you in is remarkable.

There are obstacles the duo encounter in the form of drug dealers, attention seeking housewives and other cops. An undercover officer named VanZandt is quite a jackass and from the moment he appears you know he is only going to be a pain in the butt. VanZandt is hopped up on steroids and speed, He is quite violent and unpredictable.

The movie shows us what a night could be like in the life of police officers it makes for refreshing viewing and steers clear of the regular cop movie stereotype, the gritty realism makes it gripping.

There are no big action set pieces but when we get violence it is quite brutal and hard hitting. Bulletproof/Crown Vic is a solid thriller that uses its characters, camera angles and atmosphere too tell its story. A must see movie!


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