Cash Out (2024) – John Travolta is back at his best!

John Travolta is back at his best in Cash Out!

Cash Out sees John Travolta starring as Mason Goddard, a professional thief who is known for his daring heists. The movie opens with Travolta and his crew pulling off a daring heist and then deals us a curveball that one of his crew is actually an undercover FBI agent. After a daring escape Mason and his crew disappear. 

Flash forward 3 months, Travolta’s Mason is feeling sorry for himself and getting his days in by fishing and drinking beer, a shadow of his former self, isolated in a small cabin. Mason’s brother Shawn (played by Luke Haas, who portrays the younger, eager brother perfectly) comes knocking at his door to inform him he has a huge score, one that will set them up for life. Mason has no interest and Shawn goes on his way. We all know what’s going to happen next. 

Yup, Mason is called in by another team member, Link (Natali Yura – She is one of my favourite characters) who doesn’t think the plan is a great one and Shawn would benefit from having Mason there or to get him out of it. Eager to impress Shawn presses forward and the bank they’re about to rob gets locked down and S.W.A.T., FBI, Police and even the Army eventually descend. 

Mason has to figure out why there is so much heat on this bank, who was the contact that told Shawn about this score and most of all how to get him and his team out of the situation alive. The hostage negotiator (Kristin Davis)  is an old acquaintance and love interest of Mason’s, you can never quite tell if she wants to apprehend Mason or give him hope of escaping, the chemistry between Davis and Travolta is one part of what keeps the movie alive. 

Cash Out is a great heist-thriller that doesn’t rely on explosions and shootouts to keep the audience’s attention, the story and characters are the focus and that’s what leads the movie. Director Ives uses a drone to catch some intriguing shots, one being when the cops are first arriving at and surrounding the bank. It’s always fun to see drones being used in movies and how different directors can make the most out of them. 

Travolta’s Still Got It!

John Travolta doesn’t look 70 years of age at all, he brings a sense of charisma and magnetism to his performance, and is still captivating audiences with his on-screen presence. One thing I’ve always loved about Travolta is that he is skilled at capturing the emotional core of his characters, infusing his portrayals with genuine emotion and humanity. Whether he’s portraying moments of joy, sorrow, or anger, he has a knack for eliciting empathy from viewers and creating memorable performances that resonate long after the credits roll and here is no different. This is what makes him one of the most iconic and enduring actors in Hollywood.


Cash Out is a fun story-driven heist movie that has Travolta doing what he does best. A sequel is due out later this year and I am looking forward to seeing where and how the characters end up in another sticky situation. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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