Chuck Norris Movies That Were Planned But Cancelled


While scouting the web I come across some images of Chuck Norris movie posters. I was then taken to a website where I found out about some Chuck Norris movies that never were made. Immediately I thought I need to write an article about this. So I picked a few of the movie posters and thought I would write some tibbits on what I know. To kick start this we have….

The Wildforce (1984)

This was to be a Renny Harlin movie which he wanted Chuck Norris to star in. Harlin sent Norris a few hundred thousand dollars and the wheels were in motion. Harlin managed to do some advertising for the movie but everything eventually fell apart and the movie was scrapped. Such a pity as the poster looks badass, looks like a mix between Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger!!

The Delta Force: (1986)

From what I discovered about this movie is instead of Lee Marvin it was initially going to star Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris in the lead role. At the time it would have been a good choice for Cannon to make as these two stars were Cannons bread and butter. If I had to guess Bronson wouldn’t want to be billed second to Norris and vice versa. Also Bronson was still currently leading the Death Wish franchise, which I would possibly mean he would have wanted a much bigger role, equal to Norris’s.

Delta Force 2: America’s Red Army (1988)

This movie would have been centred around a middle East crisis which would have seen The Delta Force and The Spetsnaz team up to take down terrorists. No other casting was announced bit how cool would it have been to have Dolph Lundgren as the Spetsnaz squad leader!?

Delta Force 2: Spitfire (1988)

As this poster suggests both Lee Marvin and Chuck Norris may have been unsure about coming back for a second outing in The Delta Force, so they were replaced with Michael Dudikoff and Steve James. These two stars would have sold this movie for sure especially after the American Ninja 1&2. Would have been interesting too see how the franchise would have went with these two taking the lead. Maybe paving away to team up with Chuck’s character in a later sequel? There was also a poster thrown together featuring Chuck and Lee Marvin. Though it’s just the first movies poster with a 2 painted on it.

Night Hunter (1986)

This movie would have been a sequel to Invasion USA, plans fell through and a sequel was released a year later titled Avenging Force starring Michael Dudikoff. He took over the role of Matt Hunter previously played by Norris. I would have liked to see the Matt Hunter character continue into more movies, Dudikoff has said he has plans to revive the character, bit there has been no word on a movie yet.

American Ninja ( 1985)

Originally titled American Warrior, Cannon wanted this to be another Chuck Norris vehicle. Chuck Norris declined to star in the movie as he didn’t want his face hidden stating American Ninja (1985)

Originally the studio chose Chuck Norris to star, but he chose not to do the film because he didn’t want his face hidden on camera. He stated, “If I’m going to be in a film, I don’t want my face hidden. I’m going to be me”. The role then went to Michael Dudikoff making it his big break into the action genre.

Death Match (1989)

This movie was set to star Chuck Norris and Michael Dudikoff, it would centre around two brothers, and deal with every conflict in martial arts. Norris was hoping this movie would be the one to erase Enter The Dragon as the best martial arts movie ever made.

Fifty/Fifty (1990)

Chuck Norris was to star in this action movie as a mercenary? Trying to over throw a dictator and restore power to the president on the fictional island called Tengara. The movie was made but it had Peter Wellar in the lead role and not Chuck Norris.

Ivory (1993)

This Chuck Norris movie was set to be about a former big game hunter who stumbles across an elephant poaching ring, which puts him in grave danger. The plot sounds like something of a Steven Seagal movie, which means it could be a little preachy yet also have some awesome action, i.e Seagals ‘On Deadly Ground’ or ‘Fire Down Below’. As it was also scheduled for 1993 I would say having Walker Texas Ranger take off at that time, Norris put all his focus into it.

The Peacemaker (1996)

Would have had Chuck Norris star as a mercenary who has to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an American Senator. This sounds like it could have been a right blast, I’m thinking along the lines of Chuck Norris channeling his inner ‘Commando’ and going all one man army.

Ticker (1999)

Chuck Norris was to star in the Albert Pyun movie, it has the exact same plot as the Seagal movie but the cast line up was different it featured Chuck Norris, Charlie Sheen and Ice-T.

Here is the link to the website for you guys to have a look at the cancelled projects in their entirety


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