Cloverfield – An under-rated monster epic

Directed by: Matt Reeves

Starring:  Lizzy CaplanJessica LucasT.J. MillerMichael Stahl-DavidMike Vogel, and Odette Yustman

Synopsis: After a giant monster attacks New York City, Rob, Hud, Lily and Marlena form a group and desperately try to rescue their friend Beth who is trapped in her apartment

The heart-pounding ‘found footage’ creature feature CLOVERFIELD is produced by J. J. Abrams, the creator of the cult TV series LOST and directed by acclaimed director, Matt Reeves.

An entirely human point of view is used in this monster movie: the human perspective shows the carnage entirely from the ground. With this film, you’re in for a real treat once the first thirty minutes have passed and the real action begins. Viewers will be hooked. The movie focuses on the carnage and the panic. It doesn’t offer any scientific reason as to why the monster is here or where it came from. We are thrown into this extraterrestrial’s destructive path and have no choice but to hold onto our seats until the credits roll.

Visuals & Performances

By combining gritty street realism with glossy mega-bucks effects work, the hand-held camera vantage point delivers phenomenal visual results. During this period, everything is burning, blowing up, or getting crushed; buildings crumble and everyone is getting infected with hideous parasites that lurk in darkened rooms and tunnels. We rarely see the monster causing all the destruction and its origins are never fully explained, which is a benefit for the film. It helps create a more dramatic atmosphere. By living through the minutes with the survivors we encounter, we are immersed in the panic and confusion of the situation. There were no performances by the cast that I could criticize. Everyone delivers an electrifying performance that boosts the tension throughout.

Thanks to the hand-held camera, the effects look sharp and realistic. They still hold up 15 years later. A lot of fascinating creature designs were created by the filmmakers, which were menacing and very original. 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cloverfield contributed greatly to the subgenre of found footage. It begins with a quick introduction to the characters and jumps right into monster ‘creature feature’ survival horror mayhem within 90 minutes. In 4K, Dolby Vision HDR offers an interesting 4K experience, but the audio is still top-tier. There’s no reason to pick this up if you already have the film in 4K and are happy with it. For those who collect SteelBooks or need it for their 4K collection, this set is a worthwhile buy. This release is filled with action and spectacle. CLOVERFIELD offers an eye-popping experience in 4K Ultra HD. The collectible, Limited-Edition 4K Ultra HD SteelBook includes brand-new artwork reviewed and approved by both Abrams and Reeves, the film on both 4K Ultra HD Disc and Blu-ray™, access to a Digital copy of the film, as well as a wealth of legacy bonus content on Blu-ray, including alternate endings, deleted scenes, director commentary, and much more:

  • Commentary by director Matt Reeves
  • The Making of CLOVERFIELD
  • CLOVERFIELD Visual Effects
  • I Saw It!  It’s Alive!  It’s Huge!
  • Clover Fun
  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Alternate Endings with Optional Commentary
  • Easter Eggs