County Line: All In (2022) Review

Directed by: Brent Christy

Starring: Tom Wopat, Kelsey Crane, Patricia Richardson, Denim Richards

Synopsis: The murder of a crooked criminal lawyer on the county line forces neighboring sheriffs, Alden Rockwell and Joanne “Jo” Porter, to put aside their issues to take down the killer. As they get closer to the truth, the case takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.


Tom Wopat returns as Sheriff Alden Rockwell in County Line: All In, the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s County Line.

This follow up sees our good ol’ boy, Maksville County Sheriff Alden Rockwell investigating the murder of a lawyer who works for a local crime boss. Alden immediately suspects foul play and vows to solve the case. The only bump in the road for Alden is that he has to team up with the newly elected Sheriff Jo Porter, played by Kelsey Crane. Jo has become the newly elected Sheriff of York County and has taken over the role from Alden’s best friend Clint who has now retired. With the corpse of the lawyer lying on the county line the two Sheriff’s will have to set aside their differences and learn to work together. The worlds of old school and new school collide. 

County Line: All In is a fun movie that has a strong family dynamic, plenty of heart and also some well measured punches to the face, oh! And some explosions to balance it all out. This sequel is just as fast-paced and fun as the first entry. While Wopat’s character Alden may not be able to chase down crooks on foot like he used to, he can certainly hold his own when they come to some good old fisticuffs and if he needs to chase anyone, he has his pick-up truck and the highly skilled Sheriff Jo Porter to have his back.

Denim Richards stars as Deputy Dante Hill, Denim is recognisable from his role in the hit show Yellowstone. Dante gets to throw down a little along with Wopat and Crane. Dante is likeable and hopefully in future installments we see his character fleshed out more. 

Tom Wopat shines once again as Sheriff Alden Rockwell and continues to bring his natural charm and charisma to screen, Rockwell is the last of the old school generation and you could imagine him having crossed paths with the likes of an Eastwood character of Norris’s Walker, Texas Ranger.  

Kelsey Crane is a great addition to the franchise and once Tom hangs up his badge and gun as Alden Rockwell it would be great to see Kelsey continue on, whether in movie or series form, Crane has the ability to continue the franchise. 

Overall, County Line: All In is a thrilling follow up to the 2017 original with Tom Wopat returning on fine form and newcomer Kelsey Crane filling in the boots of Jeff Fahey, boots she fills perfectly and creates a very likeable character that will become an instant favourite with viewers. County Line: All In not only introduces us to new characters it also sets the retirement for Wopat’s Alden Rockwell, which we all know will have him going out with a bang, Alden style. 

Let’s bring on the final chapter of the series County Line: No Fear which is due out later this year.