CSI: New York Complete Series Review

Poster of the cast of the TV series, CSI New York


CSI: NY follows a group of investigators who work for the New York City crime lab. The series mixes gritty subject matter and deduction in the same manner as its predecessors, yet also places a great deal of emphasis on criminal profiling. The team is led by Detective Mac Taylor, a former Marine from Chicago. Mac is a veteran of the NYPD who lost his wife on 9/11, and as such must work to rebuild his personal life while supervising his team. He is organized, efficient, dedicated, and very proper in his management style.

REVIEW: Welcome to the rotten side of The Big Apple

CSI: New York is a solid entry in the long-running Crime Scene Investigation franchise (other entries include the original CSI, CSI; Miami and CSI Cyber). CSI: Miami stars Detective Mac Taylor, played wonderfully by Gary Sinise, and his loyal team who always have his back. CSI: New York is a spin-off from CSI: Miami which starred David Caruso as Horatio Caine, a no-nonsense, old-school detective with a fondness for sunglasses. CSI: New York combines the popular elements of the previous strong entriesit has the in-depth forensic scenes of CSI and the action-packed sequences of CSI: Miami. CSI: New York is based on the crime that unfolds in the rotten depths of America’s largest cityaffectionally known as The Big Apple.

A spin-off that never circles back on itself

CSI: NY is a series that keeps us perched at the edge of our seats. Even after nine seasons, it keeps the characters interesting and doesn’t rehash storylines like other shows. 

There’s a taste for everyone

CSI: NY has some really great episodes and it’s a complete mix of genres. There are some episodes which are action-focused, but some require us to put on our thinking hats and tag along for a good, old who-dunnit. The murder mystery element even likens our viewing experience to that of a horror franchise. There is something for all genre tastes for everyone to enjoy. 

Grab a boxset today

CBS/Paramount has released a boxset featuring all nine seasons on a whopping 55 discs. The discs are split into three impressive cases with each holding three seasons. The set is presented in a slick paperboard box of eye-catching character artthe perfect presentation box for franchise fanatics.

This release is a must-own for fans of the CSI franchise. CSI: NY stands strong as a favourite spin-off with Gary Sinise as a very charismatic leading man. And for any fans of the show Seal Team, you will appreciate A.J. Buckley’s rookie lab technician character.