David Worth on working with the Legendary, Clint Eastwood

Working with The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Clint Eastwood is known for his preference of shooting on location, bringing an authentic feel to his films. How did the choice of locations in Bronco Billy and Any Which Way You Can contribute to the overall visual narrative, and what challenges did you face in capturing the essence of these environments?

On BB… The Late Great Producer, Fritz Manes and myself… Flew from Seattle to Taos NM, scouting locations and eventually settled on the area around Boise Idaho… For AWWYC we added the Director Buddy Van Horn to the mix and eventually everyone fell in love with Jackson Hole Wyoming… These were both special locations that contributed to each production… The only challenge for me was to utilize each location and the light to their best advantage…

“Bronco Billy and Any Which Way You Can feature exciting action sequences, be it the Wild West stunts or the bare-knuckle fights. Can you discuss the technical aspects of shooting these sequences, including the coordination between the camera department and the stunt teams to capture the intensity and excitement on screen?”

My mantra whenever I’m capturing Action is always… “Three Cameras No Waiting!” Then Every Department does it as many times as necessary to get it right… Except in the case of something dangerous or utilizing an explosion or fire… Then you want to only do it once!!!

Both films have a balance of comedic moments and heartfelt drama. How did you approach visually capturing the comedic timing and emotional beats in the cinematography? Were there specific techniques or camera movements employed to enhance the storytelling?

As a Cinematographer, I usually follow the Director’s lead whenever it comes to Storytelling…

Bronco Billy and Any Which Way You Can are beloved films that have stood the test of time. Looking back, are there any specific scenes or shots that you are particularly proud of or that hold personal significance to you as the director of photography?”

Yes… In BB I’m constantly thrilled with my 150 watt bulb lighting… As well as the Black Light Shot of the lariat.. My lightmeter said “0” so I was just rolling the dice!

In AWWYC nearly Everything with Clyde, or Ruth Gordon, brings a wistful smile… & in BOTH films, being able to capture the True LOVE between Clint & Sondra was very special...

“Clint Eastwood has a reputation for being involved in all aspects of filmmaking. Can you discuss the collaboration between the director and the cinematographer on these films? How did you work together to achieve the desired visual style and enhance the storytelling?”

Clint would tell me what he wanted to do… Then I would prepare the Lighting, & Clint would utilize it…

Bronco Billy and Any Which Way You Can are part of Clint Eastwood’s impressive filmography. How do you feel these films contribute to his legacy, and what role do you believe the cinematography played in elevating these stories and characters?

I will let T I M E be the judge of that… Especially since the VERY BAD Ending to the Clint / Sondra relationship, those films seem to be “Not Mentioned” any longer by him…Too Bad…

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