Dead End: Dead Man Walking (2020) Review


Dead End: Dead Man Walking (2020)

Directed By: Ross Boyask

Starring: Bryan Larkin, Julian Gaertner, Rebecca Yeo, Tony Greengrass & Greg Burridge

Synopsis: The Contractor returns to his roots after an assignment proved more complicated than anticipated. His new Handler must prevent further bloodshed and uncover a global human trafficking ring claiming the lives of thousands across Asia.

Review: Bryan Larkin returns with the third entry in the ‘Dead End’ series. The events of this movie follow the repercussions of what happened in the previous entry. While it’s not as action packed as the second entry, it’s a very tense, suspenseful thriller. It keeps you gripped until the end and really does put your heart in your mouth at times. The movie is only 25 minutes, which went in far too quick!

I would love too see an extended feature sooner rather than later. The Contractor and Young Gun have more than earned their right too be household names in a successful franchise and dominating cinema screens across the globe.

Ross Boyask who directed the action thriller ‘Vengeance’ which also had Larkin feature in a support role, takes the reins here and keeps the story and action tight, thus proving he is a force too be reckoned with in the genre.

Larkin has created such unique characters and every chapter leaves the viewer wanting more. I love how Bryan writes these movies. The characters, the dialogue and the scenery, the action. Its all presented so well. Bryans passion and flare too deliver the best product possible shines through and you can clearly see his love and passion coming too light in the ‘Dead End’ series.


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