Dead End II : A Justified Kill (2019) Review


Dead End II : A Justified Kill (2019)

Directed By: Bryan Larkin

Starring: Bryan Larkin, Jai Day, Julian Gaertner, Chloe Chan & Stanley Ma

Two hitmen are in Hong Kong with a contract to close down a human trafficking operation. Their brutal execution of the contract appears to go off without a hitch but draws into their path a young Chinese girl, living off the proceeds of petty crime under the direction of an wicked guardian, herself a victim of an oppressive Triad gang. The boundary between innocence and evil, right and wrong blurs and twists. Who, this time, deserves to die?

Review: Bryan Larkin reprises his role alongside Julian Gaertner as The Contractor and Young Gun. I only recently caught the first Dead End movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so going into this one I was more than excited.

Bryan Larkin produced, directed, wrote and starred in this installment. I have nothing bad to say about the movie except it was too short! Creator of the franchise Bryan Larkin has created such unique characters and a dark universe with stories just bursting to be told. When the credits roll you’re still left thinking about the characters and what will happen next. The universe these characters are in is how I picture a real life John Wick universe being.

The movie is fast paced and the 25 minutes are up in a blink of an eye. The Contractor and Young Gun are sent to dispose of Cheung (Sam Gor) a piece of shit running an extortion racket at a tower block, using the threat of selling anyone who doesn’t pay up to be trafficked. Once The Contractor and Young Gun are in sights of Cheung they are spotted by one his henchmen. This is where the movie is amped up to a thousand. A thrilling, fast and tense chase scene ensures with The Contractor and Young Gun in pursuit of Cheung, who happens to be leaving a trail of money behind him which in turn has a pick-pocket known as The Girl on his trail collecting the money he is dropping.

I was drawn to the character of The Girl played by Chloe Chan who starts off her arc as a pick-pocket, forced to work that way of life for a nasty woman to then standing over a bloodied Cheung holding a knife. The way her characters arc turns was impressively played out by the young actress.

We are treated to a couple of fights. They are well choreographed and very brutal, with every hit you feel the impact. They have a real sense of realism to them, which makes them that more gripping to watch as they are unpredictable.

My overall thoughts are very positive. Dead End 2 is a fast paced exhilarating ride, while being brutal and dark it shines with its amazing acting and beautiful raw scenery. If you enjoyed the first movie you will love this, it’s not often a sequel is better than the original, but here this is very much the case. Dead End 2 is a justified winner. I would suggest getting yourself down to wherever it’s playing and catch it. From amazing acting, a very well constructed plot, amazing cinematography coinciding with beautifully shot, hard hitting fight scenes. This movie has it all. I am looking forward to the third part and I am hoping for either a feature film or a TV series.

Bryan Larkin is such a power house, I always am going on about he is the perfect casting for Jack Reacher! Lee Child really needs to open his eyes as Bryan is such a hulking, intimerdating force to be reckoned with. In my opinion going off what I have seen of Bryan’s acting, charisma, screen presence and on screen bad assery, not to mention his directional and writing abilities, Bryan is hands down on his way to being this generations Sylvester Stallone.


Ticket Details For Viewing The Movie Available Below. 

Tickets go in sale from Stratford East Picturehouse mid August.


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