Deadpool 2 Movie Review


The Merc with the mouth is back! Deadpool is tasked with assembling a team of mutants to help protect a young mutant boy struggling to control his powers from a time traveling super soldier named Cable.


If you loved the first movie then DP2 thrusts you balls deep into action from the start. Within the first 3 minutes Deadpool has killed and severed more than 60 limbs from various Yakuza members and gangsters and wiped out a warehouse of Russian mafia goons and that’s just the opening, it’s a nibble of what is to come.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play the part of Deadpool and I would totally be down to seeing this character continue through more movies. In this movie Deadpool assembles a team, the X-Force who are tasked with saving a young mutant named Russell ‘Fire Fist’ who is struggling with some anger issues and controlling his powers. His powers aren’t the reason the X-FORCE is trying to save him, It is because he has a time traveling super soldier with a bionic arm named Cable is trying to kill him.

Josh Brolin plays the role of Cable and once he comes into the movie the action is automatically dialled up to category 5! Cable comes across like The Terminator sent back in time to assassinate his target and anyone who gets in his way….which just happens to be Deadpool! Cable is more than a match for Deadpool and definitely gives him a run for his money when they fight. I would love to see Cable get his own spin off movie as Josh Brolin totally kicked ass playing the character.

We are introduced to some more X-FORCE members some of which are cameos so I don’t want to spoil any of that. A key member of the team I have to mention is Domino played by Zazie Beetz, her character is insanely cool and badass, her ability is luck which doesn’t sound cool but it adds to how badass her kills etc turnout.

We also have the return of Colossus and mega sonic warhead but they would be classed as cameos. Another character that’s a surprise cameo is done with CGI which is noticeable, but the character is so cool that it didn’t really phase me.

Just like the first movie Deadpool is full of one liners and is constantly breaking the fourth wall which is what I love about these movies and they don’t skimp on the violence.

My only problem with Deadpool 2 was at times I felt lost with where the story was going, it didn’t seem to have a main villain as such and on the scale of finales I wouldn’t say it had a big finisher that will be remembered. The mid-credit sequences were awesome and had me in stitches.

Overall it was a solid movie and I am always happy to watch a Deadpool movie and I hope Ryan Reynolds carries on the franchise and starts an X-FORCE franchise along with new addition Josh Brolin.

This would be a definite 100% recommendation, get to your local movie house or buy the blu ray! A movie that is not to be missed!!

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