Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020) Review

Directed By: John Pogue

Starring: Tania Raymonde, Nathaniel Buzolic & Bren Foster

Synopsis: Emma Collins, an eminent marine biologist, and her crew have set up a mid-ocean laboratory over a sunken island town in the ocean where they are observing the first known Great White mating area. Unfortunately, the enhanced Bull Sharks that escaped in Deep Blue Sea 2 are also there with their own evolutionary goal: cross-breeding with the bigger faster Great Whites. The mission’s patron, Richard Lowell, believes that the Bull Sharks contain the key to intelligence enhancement, which he secretly intends to sell for big profits. Now, Emma and her crew are trapped on crumbling stilt houses mere feet over the ocean, caught between predators above and below the water.

Review: The first Deep Blue Sea was a fun shark movie. We eventually got a second, then a third… That’s right… a third.

Deep Blue Sea 3 had so much potential to be a fun popcorn flick. The first movie was cheesy fun, and the second didn’t take itself serious – it was entertaining. The third seemed like it was trying to be too serious and reboot the franchise into something like the recent big shark blockbuster ‘The Meg’ or the classic ‘Jaws’. Deep Blue Sea was made to be fun and cheesy. This entry definitely lacked that.

There wasn’t much character development to engage the viewers and make ‘edge of your seat’ moments – you don’t care for the characters as you normally would.

A highlight of the movie was a fight scene featuring Bren Foster – the only memorable positive of the movie.

There was also a scene where a shark is held hostage to make the other sharks back off, which they do – yet another cringeworthy addition to the storyline.

Overall it is not a movie I would revisit as it is the most forgettable entry in the franchise, thankfully.


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