*Exclusive Interview* Bronzi Returns to Action Reloaded

You have been very busy, how are you finding working in the action genre?

Well, I very much like the action movies, and I have to tell you the true I also like the western movies. Lately I got only one action film, The Gardener, the other one was Exorcist Vengeance, which is a horror movie with action elements. But I really enjoyed it.

If we go back a couple of years, You made a movie with Rene Perez called Cry Havoc, the ending of the movie was open,have there been talks for a follow up?

No, we haven’t discussed a sequel, maybe in the future, who knows.

After this you went on and starred in the prison thriller, Escape From Death Block 13, it felt like an old ’70s/ ’80s movie, it was a lot of fun, what was it like working with director, Gary Jones?

Gary Jones was easy to work with, he is a very professional and talented film director, he knows what he wants to do. He did his job with great care and dedication.
He is an amazing man, and I truly enjoyed filming with him.

After Escape, you went straight into another action project The Gardener, what was it like filming alongside martial arts legend, Gary Daniels?

Gary Daniels, played who Volker, is a wonderful, great actor and warrior, he was very helpful and I really enjoyed working with him too. He helped me a lot during our fight scene.

The Gardener was filmed in the UK? Did you enjoy filming over here?

The Gardener was shot in England, in and around a small village near Norwich. Most of the footage was shot in a very nice and old school building. The team involved in making the film did a very good job. We were lucky because the weather was very pleasant although filming took place in February. It only rained for a couple days. The team were all young, but very talented and I really enjoyed working with them.

You are still in really good shape, are you enjoying doing your own stunts and fight scenes?

Yes of course I’m enjoying my stunt work , therefore I continue to keep my body in shape. I always train in fighting. I regularly do Judo and Thai Boxing which helps in films.

You’re latest movie Exorcist Vengeance sees you taking on the Supernatural, what did you like most about the script?

Well, I liked some scenes in the movie, for example, our conversation with Christine in the yard, also the scene when Rebecca wheels Christine up to a candle display. They light two candles together. And finally when I talk to my wife’s grave, in the graveyard. It was so touching for me.

What do you prefer to make, horror or action movies?

Of course I prefer to make action movies, but the Exorcist Vengeance film was a challenge for me. I tried to do my role well, and I think I did. Don’t you?

After Exorcist Vengeance, what can we expect to see you in next?

Recently I’ve been filming in Hungary, I’m working on three different films . All of them Hungarian projects, one is a series, another a history movie, and the third is about a reincarnation. After that Jeff Miller has a new action film project that we’ll shoot in the near future in Hungary.

Can we expect a Death Kiss 2?

Uh, it’s a very difficult question, I would like to do it, but as you know I’m only an actor and it’s not up to me. Anyway a lot of fans ask the same as you. I leave the decision for the producers and filmmakers.
By the way, I’m available anytime to continue it.

Bronzi, as always, it was a pleasure having you drop by! Take care and keep kicking ass!

Best wishes, my friend.