Exclusive – Kathleen Kinmont on Halloween 4

Welcome to Action Reloaded, Kathleen! It’s amazing to have you feature! Many fans’ first introduction to you was in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, how did you get involved with this movie?  

I was sent in by my agent to audition for the role of Kelly Meeker and I showed up, did my best and got the part. Nothing fancy. Maybe I had a call back, I can’t remember, I just remember it was an easy process. 

Were you or are you a fan of the horror genre? 

My boyfriend and I just watched Halloween Kills and I swear to God I’m still a wreck screening horror films. It’s very, very uncomfortable for me. Even the thought of watching one makes my heart race. I have tremendous anxiety as I was traumatized by The Exorcist at a young age. So, the answer is still no, but I try. 

Halloween Kills was great, what was your opinion on the flashback sequence featuring Dr. Loomis.

I loved the flashback sequence in Halloween Kills featuring Dr. Loomis. It was excellent nostalgia and brilliantly placed. Any time you have the great opportunity to place the magnificent actor, Donald Pleasence, in your movie ~ seize the day.

Kelly Meeker

What attracted you to the character of Kelly Meeker? 

I love to work. I love acting. I love to push myself out of my comfort  zones and take on a character that tells a great story.  

Franchise fan?

Before you starred in this entry, were you a fan of the original movie and the sequels?  

I saw the first Halloween and like everyone, I thought it was very scary. Too scary for me to keep up with it but I knew all about it.  Jamie Lee Curtis is the Queen. Danielle Harris is heir to the throne.  I do love that at its core, these are female driven films surviving a serial killer. The fact that people are being torn, ripped and bludgeoned apart during their fight for survival is what makes it so fucking amazing that these girls can get away. These are stories of paralyzing fear and the courage it takes to run and hide. Kyle Richards is another great example of surviving that sick and tortured killer. I love that horror fans identify with this concept of facing evil, fear and death in a “you can’t get me, boogeyman” kind of way. Respect.

Your character wore an iconic t-shirt “Cops do it by the book” did you  get to keep the shirt and do you still have it?  

Rarely do we get to keep anything from a film set, largely due to  the fact that they may have to use the item for pick up shots. The  shirt was made by our Prop Master, Bucky, who cleverly pasted his  name on the hard hat for the unfortunate soul who gets  electrocuted. If the Cops Do It By The Book t-shirt was still in  existence, it would be in the Horror Hall of Fame. I have a shirt  maker create my own and I sign them for happy couples who enjoy  a little role play on Halloween. 

The Return of Michael Myers

Being a part of the movie that reintroduced Michael Myers must have been quite surreal? 

I’ll tell you what was surreal. One day, early in the shoot, I decided  to go up into that creepy house of Kelly’s all by myself while  everyone was at lunch, which happened to be at dusk that day.  Wafting smoke was still creeping across the floor, the lights were  off and it was so eerily quiet I could hear the blood rushing through  my ears. There were a couple times I felt I was being watched and  I thought for sure I saw Michael Myers in the reflection of the  stained glass upstairs. I wanted to get the real feel of the house  without any crew members working and talking on set. I felt the  energy I was looking for, it was crystal clear, and I was spooked for  the rest of the movie. Michael Myers carries an extremely dark vibe  and it was conjured and present. That was surreal. 

Your character has an unfortunate run-in with Myers, did they use wires  to suspend you from the door?  

They used wires, a harness and a ten speed bike seat drilled into  the door for my impaling with a double barrel shotgun through my  torso. 

Working with the legend, Donald Pleasence

You got to share some screen time with the legendary Donald Pleasence, what was that like?  

Amazing. He was ‘the actor’ on set. We were all so young, impressed and excited to be around someone from the first film and to be near such greatness – you could feel it. I’ve met many actors and I realize now that the special stuff some of them have is really all about their life experience and the confidence it creates for their being. He was very kind to all of us and he knew he carried the levity and bravado of professionalism. He was beautifully generous, and he gave credibility to our film in a monumental way. 

He brought the role of Loomis to life, you couldn’t imagine anyone else  in the last, right?  

There was never anyone else for that role. I think the one really  excellent through line in the Halloween franchise is their ability to  cast the right person for the part. They get it right and the  characters themselves become memorable and identifiable. 

Do you find much time to get to the horror conventions? 

I would like to do more but the last couple years have been a bit  ‘plagued’ for travel and meeting people. I hope to further my  convention outings in the future. 

The latest Halloween Trilogy

Have you followed the franchise since? Or watched David Gordon Green’s most recent trilogy?

I’ve followed the franchise a bit – I would follow more if they brought  my character back. I think as long as Michael Myers stays in the  show, they’ll always have a hit. If they kill him – it’s done.  

Would you make a return to the franchise?

If they bring Michael back down the line would you be game to rejoin  the franchise in any capacity? 


Thanks for joining me for my Halloween 4 Q&A!  

My pleasure and thank you for the excellent interest.

Kathleen Kinmont photo credit ~ Ty Chen Photography