*Exclusive* Kathleen Kinmont talks all things Action!

Welcome back, Kathleen!

Let’s got to the start of your career. You had filmed nude scenes for a movie called Fraternity Vacation, did  this lead to the case of every role you went for after directors would try  and incorporate scenes of that nature into the movie?  

I think whenever there is water in a shot, we somehow hope to see  someone in a bathing suit. I believe that nudity is a huge  component of the human experience and whenever it’s necessary  for a scene, either a shower, sex, rape or changing clothes, there  will be an opportunity to incorporate nudity into any given film, tv or  stage scene. It’s always going to be there and it’s always been a  part of my career. Even still, they ask if you’re comfortable with  nudity for so many shows. It’s still the norm, as it was when I  started. I’m so ‘whatever’ about it, it’s not a big deal. The most  important part is just to stay healthy and fit just in case the director  asks you to take your clothes off. I’m joking!! That stuff is  contracted and discussed way before you step onto set and if it’s  not – don’t let anyone talk you into anything!!! 

It only seems recently voices of actresses are getting heard, after the  #Metoo movement.  

I think the real truth is that women and men are finally getting the  courage to speak up. It’s the strength in numbers that is being  heard and that’s an evolution of the human experience. This is part  of a universal movement of bringing abusers to their comeuppance.  Being enslaved by shame and guilt are as torturous as being  chained to a wall. Finding the courage to break free of emotional  and physical capture is the first step to survival and recovery. If you  see something, say something. Sexual predators are everywhere 

and in every work environment, it’s just always been rampant in the  entertainment industry. Brad Pitt’s movie, Blonde, depicts it very well. 

Talking Action

Your career slipped into the action genre, was this a genre you enjoyed  being a part of?  

I love action films. I was, and still am, a dedicated athlete. Naturally  I was drawn to anything physical because I had the confidence to  go for it. I’ve always been hyper aware of this extraordinary gift I  was given and I take care of it like it’s the only body I’ll ever own. I  love dance and choreography, so learning a fight scene is right up  the same alley. Plus, I really enjoy kicking some ass – it’s fun! 

You co-wrote C.I.A. 2: Target Alexa, what inspired you to this movie?  

A paycheck is always the first inspiration and getting to reprise a role is wonderful because you can dig a little deeper on a character  who might’ve only had one story to tell. Plus, Lorenzo Lamas, was directing and we were married at the time, so contributing to the  story, while sleeping with the director, made for an easy shoot. 

Would you return for a third entry and revisit the character now? 


Being a Renegade

You played Cheyenne Phillips on the action series Renegade for four  seasons, being a central character was it a demanding task filming each episode?  

It was the best of times and the most challenging of times. The first  season and a half I was married with Lorenzo. We separated  halfway through the second season. We were divorced for season  three and four. I loved my character, Cheyenne. She was smart,  independent and love sick for Reno Raines. It was art imitating life  in too many ways. It was painful and amazing and one of the best  jobs I ever had. I learned a lot about myself and what being a  professional was all about. Due to an unfortunate interview with Howard Stern at the end of season four, I was fired. It was not the  way I thought it would end, but it did. Lorenzo and I have since mended our friendship and with Branscombe Richmond, Bobby Six  Killer, we hope to work together again. 

In the series and during the movies you have made, your characters  have many fight scenes, did you perform many of your own fights and stunts?  

Yes, usually due to budgetary reasons. I don’t like taking jobs away  from stunt performers and I love having a stunt double to make me  look even more incredible. They are trained and there to protect the  actor on set. I love being able to do as much as I can and then step off to someone skilled and qualified. But yes, I’ve done a lot of my  own and been occasionally wounded in the process. 

Females are kicking ass in action and horror, can we expect to see you return to either action or horror in a lead role?  

Yes. Look for me in upcoming tv series, PHOENIX – corporate  espionage, murder and sex trafficking – all the ingredients for an  entertaining action series. And Also feature film – VICE & VIRTUE – six people ensnared in a  one night power struggle between two timeless beings. – super creepy. 

I’ve got to ask, you look amazing! You haven’t changed much from  Halloween 4!! What’s your secret! 

Mindfulness, yoga, horses, chocolate ice cream and sex. 

What can fans expect to see you in next? 

A bikini! 

Kathleen it has been amazing having you! Thank you for your time! 

Thank you, Jeff. It’s been my pleasure. Please encourage your  fans to check out my book, I Should’ve Been Nicer to Quentin  Tarantino and Other Short Stories of Epic Fails and Saves –  available on my site www.kathleenkinmont.com

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