*Exclusive* Mark Stas is ‘Emerging From The Shadows’

Poster featuring martial arts master and actor, Mark Stas. The Poster also features martial artist Ron Smmorneberg. Poster provided by Mark Stas.

Image Provided by, Mark Stas

Talented martial artist and founder of the wing flow system Mark Stas, gets to showcase his acting abilities along with flexing his incredible martial arts expertise in the dramatic short Emerging From The Shadows. 

Emerging From The Shadows not only showcases the martial arts talent of Mark Stas and Ron Smoorenberg but it also marks the final on screen appearance of martial artist Max Repossi, who gets to showcase his amazing talents for the last time on screen. The movie was a passion project and each cast member dedicated their time and efforts to help Mark bring this vision to life. Filmed with zero budget and filmed on an iPhone, Stas manages to present a great story with some class A fight scenes. 

Emerging From The Shadows is the second movie Mark has written and co-produced after the award-winning short movie, “At the Edge”, which is his personal biographical story. Mark got 5 awards for Best Actor and 5 for Best Producer, and Best Inspirational Movie at the Tokyo Film Awards. Mark also won 3 awards for best trailer ( Reel Social Film Fest, White Pearl International Film Festival and BIFF) for the trailer Emerging from the Shadows.

Mark Stas plans to finish the movie this summer and it will be dedicated to the memory of Max Repossi. Action fans this is one passion project to look out for! 

The short will be approx 17 min.

Synopsis: Takeda was forced to leave Asia after a tragic incident. He travelled but stayed close to the woods in order to remember his heart, but also to live a new life in Europe and tries to forget his past. After three years this peace is suddenly disturbed. While he goes running in the woods, Muto, an Italian gangster discovers suddenly an Asian man in the woods. Maybe this could be the killer his boss, Martello is looking for since many years. Karyudo, a powerful hunter who is also an excellent martial artist, was sent by his corrupt police chief to help the Italian gangster boss. He wants to know where Muto found this Asian man. They have a small issue to arrange and at the woods, Karyudo’s sensitive instinct tells him his prey is there. Karyudo, who has a great sense of honour and justice, doesn’t know the exact details of this hunting, but with the help of Muto, he will track this Asian man in the Italian woods. Doubt will grow in his mind. Martello’s hate during these three years will finally find a reason to be. They will hunt this Asian man down and make him pay, no matter what. Takeda has no other choice than to rise from the shadows, confront his past and fight for his life.

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