**Exclusive To The Action Reloaded** Cry Havoc (2019) Review


Cry Havoc (2019)

Directed By: Rene Perez

Starring: Robert ‘Bronzi’ Kovacs, Emily Sweet & Richard Tyson

Synopsis: An ambitious reporter (Emily Sweet) is given an exclusive interview with one of the FBI’s Most Wanted. She travels to a secret compound to meet the wealthy Voyeur (Richard Tyson) who is suspected of having paid to secure the release of the psychotic serial killer known only as “Havoc”…

Review: I was lucky enough to receive a pre-screening of the latest entry in the Playing With Dolls franchise and here is my review.

Rene Perez brings back the seemingly unstoppable Havoc in the fourth entry of the franchise. Anyone who hasn’t seen any of the other entries in the franchise doesn’t have to view the other parts in order to follow the plot etc, the main things we need to know are mentioned throughout. A bonus we also get is some origin on Havoc and where he was before we met him. It is most certainly a story Rene wants to tell, also a story I would love see Rene direct.

Facing off against our menacing maniac is Robert ‘Bronzi’ Kovacs. Bronzi was last seen blowing bad guys away in Rene’s Death Kiss, which was a love letter of such to the Death Wish movies. Bronzi plays a detective looking for his daughter, he follows some leads and the trail leads him straight into Havocs territory. Naturally along the way Bronzi gets to kick some ass and take some names. But we are all waiting for him to square off against the menacing Havoc. This entry in the franchise was very entertaining, Havoc hasn’t mellowed at all and the kills are still brutal and gory. (though I have to say nothing will ever beat the shin scene in the third part.)

Rene has also added a few unexpected turns in the movie, stuff I didn’t see coming. Richard Tyson also reprises his role as the Voyeur. Those who have seen previous instalments will know he is the guy who baits people to Havoc territory so he can watch Havoc do his thing. We get to know the Voyeur a little more this time round and know how he feels about Havoc.

I loved the movie and I love how Rene keeps putting new things in the mix and expanding on characters backstories and also setting up future stories. Havoc for me will definitely be making his way up there into the iconic slasher hall of fame. He is making a body count and name for himself. Kudos to Rene! Well worth watching when released.


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