Fall (2022) Review – 2000ft up, no-one can hear you scream

Poster for the movie Fall

Directed by: Scott Mann

Starring: Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardener, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Synopsis: Experience a heart-pounding tale of survival from the producers of 47 Meters Down where sacrifice may just be the only way out. A fast drop and a sudden stop awaits Becky (Grace Caroline CurreyShazam!) and Hunter (Virginia GardnerHalloween) as they find themselves trapped 2,000 feet up an abandoned radio tower in the desert. Highly trained and resourceful, these climbers were still not ready for every eventuality. A series of unfortunate events see their gear and supplies taken from them and as temperatures rise and vultures begin to circle, the chance of survival begins to fall rapidly

Your palms be sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, vomit on your sweater, but no mom’s spaghetti

In the movie’s opening, we meet Becky, her husband Dan and Hunter, a friend of theirs. These three free climbers are tackling a steep cliff with little concern, little do they know, this trio will become a duo in five minutes! Immediately you sense something bad is going to happen to one of them, and it does. This scene is sure to make viewers cringe in fear. 

As we catch our breath after the intense opening, we find Becky 51 weeks after the incident grieving the loss of her husband and constantly drinking. It’s almost impossible for Becky’s dad (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan – The Walking Dead), to get her to move on with her life when she’s spiralling and thinking irrationally. 

Fall will take you to new heights with stomach churning scenes not for the faint hearted! 

Hunter comes to Becky’s door in hopes of getting her to climb a 2000ft tall abandoned TV tower, the largest in the U.S. Hunter has been making def-defying videos for social media since Dan’s death, the things Hunter does for likes and subscribers are extremely dangerous. Social media has claimed the lives of many people because people are going to great lengths to get likes and subscribers. 

When Becky and Hunter reach the tower, they jump the fence and make their way to the top despite a sign that reads ‘Danger Of Death’. It is uneasy to watch the camera work on the tower as it shows the rusted ladder and loose bolts as it pans upward. The tension with each movement up the ladder sends vibrations down the ladders, which are weakening. Viewers will be left thinking “ah hell no” as we see the town and people on the top of the tower from a distance that are so small – like standing on a roof, seeing an ant. 

The ladders on the structure giveaway and this sets the scene for our female leads being stuck 2000ft at the top of the structure without cell phone reception on a platform that barely fits one person. As the thought of death looms, hungry vultures circle nearby. Becky and Hunter begin to feel mentally exhausted, dehydrated, and tired as a result of their tiredness, dehydration, and fatigue. 

Fall hits its peak!

This movie is a gripping, tension-filled, terror-enduring survival film that will leave audiences with a slight feeling of stress and anxiety from the start thanks to Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner’s performances and the excellent camera work! Audiences will be gripped from the start and filled with adrenaline, only to leave theatres slightly stressed and anxious.

Rating: 5 out of 5.