Friday The 13th: Rose Blood – Final Indiegogo Campaign

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Rose Blood reunites fan favourite couple, Tina and Nick, along with the devious Dr.Crews for a brand new Fan made Friday The 13th movie.

This film has always been a dream of mine and now that I have the means it has manifested into a reality. We all know that F13 part VII was robbed in many ways and we want to deliver the continuation story of Tina and Jason that the fans deserve. We are bringing on only the best in the F13 community. We have literally lined up an A-team of fan film award winning actors and crew. We are proud to have landed most of the original cast such as Tina (Lar Park Lincoln), Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) & Nick (Kevin Spirtas). Please check out Trailer #1 and Trailer #2 posted on YouTube to see the quality of work we have put into this passion project.” – Peter Anthony – Director & Creator of Rose Blood.