Gasoline Alley (2022) Review

Directed by: Edward Drake

Starring: Devon Sawa, Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson, Kat Foster

Synopsis: Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson and Devon Sawa star in the chilling story of a savage Hollywood murder set in present day Los Angeles. Jimmy Jayne (Sawa), a reformed ex-con, is the prime suspect who will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Homicide detectives Freeman (Willis) and Vargas (Wilson) are close on his tail as Jimmy takes on his own investigation, risking his life in the dark underbelly of L.A.

Review: Edward Drake returns with his darkest thriller yet, taking us deep into a world of murder, drugs and blurred lines. Gasoline Alley is a gripping thriller.   

 Devon Sawa leads Gasoline Alley. He plays ex-con Jimmy Jayne. When Jimmy is framed for the murder of four women, he takes it upon himself to try and clear his name, as all the evidence is starting to make him look guilty, he’s a DNA strand away heading back to prison.  

   Sawa is very underrated and not given the credit he is due, he can carry roles with such ease, whether it be hero or villain, Sawa always brings his A-game and delivers a quality performance.  Gasoline Alley is no exception, Sawa brings the character of Jimmy to life and his performance keeps you tuned in, he is very reminiscent of Dom from the original Fast & Furious movie. (Forget the over exaggerated blown out of proportion sequels that followed)

Luke Wilson and Bruce Willis play two detectives who are investigating the murders. It was great to see Wilson on screen, he has always been a good actor and just like Sawa, Wilson can handle his own. Familiar face, Bruce Willis reunites with director Edward Drake, though he isn’t onscreen all that much, his character Freeman is a key figure throughout the movie.  Freeman is an old school detective with a good reputation in the police department.  

Gasoline Alley doesn’t shy away from the topic it sets upon the audience. Murder, deceit, drugs and prostitution. It is all shown as it probably is in the underworld, everything and everyone is a commodity ready to be bought, sold or even killed.

Overall, Gasoline Alley is a gritty thriller that sees Devon Sawa deliver a solid performance, the finale is what fans will be waiting to see, when Sawa finally goes Rambo. There’s an exhilarating car chase which sees Sawa’s character having to outrun a Land Rover in his badass Chevy SS!  The scene felt like Drakes nod/homage to Bullet.

 There’s a fight scene between Devon and an assassin which is really cool, as it is not a fancy flurry of kicks and punches, it’s a quick and brutal rough and tumble fight scene where every hit is felt. 

  Drake scatters some cool nods through the movie, a set chair makes an appearance from Drake’s previous movie, American Siege. Sawa’s character visits the set of a movie titled American Siege and we get a cool shot of a set chair. Another is a doctor called Dr. Feelgood, a subtle nod to rock band Motley Crue? 

Guys, fuel up with beer and crisps, kick back and enjoy Gasoline Alley!