General Commander (2019) Review


General Commander (2019)

Directed By: Ross W. Clarkson, Philippe Martinez

Starring: Steven Seagal, Sonia Couling, Byron Gibson, Soraya Torrens, Mica Javier , Jai Day, Megan Brown Martinez

Synopsis: Decorated CIA operative Jake Alexander has dedicated his career to eliminating crime from Southeast Asia out of commitment to his job and love for his new found home. While on a mission to stop a Black Market organ dealer’s organization, Jake loses a vital team member, Zach Stevens, when Stevens is killed during a sting operation. At Alexander’s debriefing, his long time handler Jessica Thompson informs him that the case against the organ trafficker is closed due to the fallout, and that he and his team will be reassigned to another part of the world.

Disillusioned that they cannot bring the killer to justice, Alexander and his fellow team members convene and decide that the job isn’t over until Stevens’ killer is taken down. Rather than face reassignment, the team resolves to hand in their resignations to the CIA and form a rogue security unit, funded by an old friend of Alexander’s; Hong Kong-based Russian billionaire magnate Katya Sokolov. Sokolov agrees to fund the operation in exchange for protection and security. Armed with Sokolov’s resources, the team has everything they need to bring criminals to justice without the politics, rules, and regulations of the CIA. Once on their own, the team is dedicated to bringing down criminals by any means necessary.


Steven Seagal returns to our screens in General Commander. This movie initially began life as a TV Series, but eventually made life as a movie. Seagal provides us with another valiant effort following his previous release Attrition. Attrition was a project Seagal had poured his heart into and it came across on screen.

General Commander seems to be the same, Seagals character Jake Alexander has flaws, which is rare to see in a Seagal movie. It leads to us speculate about Jakes past, as he freezes during two hostage situations in the movie one ends with a fatality and the other a near fatality. With that being said Jakes team fully trust and have faith in him, especially his second in command Tom Benton (Byron Gibson) who would clearly follow Seagal’s Jake into battle through thick & thin, to hell and back etc.

Seagal takes on Ron Smoorenberg in a fast brutal fight, with Seagal taking full reins on the fight scene, then delivering a Liam Neeson type phone call to the guy who ordered the hit. This would be the only hand to hand fight in the movie featuring Seagal, there is a knife fight at the end. Mica Javier who plays Maria Lopez gets a couple of good fight scenes and holds her own as a badass character.

The movie overall is enjoyable and it’s nice to see Seagal having fun in playing a character on screen and making Jake a vulnerable character with a past we’re not quite privy to just yet. I would like to explore these characters more and see a follow up movie, especially as this Seagal movie ends on a cliffhanger!


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