Girl Upstairs (2024) – A dark tense, slow burn thriller

Director Kevin Stevenson delivers a dark tense, slow burn thriller with Girl Upstairs. 

The movie opens with teasing horror elements and a gothic setting but surprisingly the horror vibes don’t really kick into full gear until the final moments but the build up to the grand finale will be sure to keep you hooked. 

Dulce (played perfectly by Holly Blair) is an artist who while successful finds it difficult leaving the four walls she lives in, one scene showcases how she unlocks the front door and once the sounds of the outside hit her it’s like a forcefield has been put up, she can go no further. 

Dulce keeps having a recurring nightmare and we only get pieces of the puzzle but we can immediately tell she has been through a traumatic event that has led to her agoraphobia. 

We get some cool montages of Dulce painting and during these scenes we get a feel of her emotions which go from focused, frustrated, happy and repeat, her emotions are one big roller coaster, Holly brings her A-game in bringing the character of Dulce to life and keeping the audience engaged with the character. 

The story really kicks into gear when Dulce creates a painting that comes to life, she is greeted by a confused looking, naked man who instantly made me think of a lost terminator. After a brief scare, Dulce and her naked terminator build a relationship. Dulce names him Webster (Gustavo Contra nails his performance) and she teaches him how to eat, talk and tries to build some sort of personality out of him. Unfortunately he doesn’t come with too much banter or personality and this leaves Dulce doubting if she’s doing things right with Webster. 

With some persuasion from Webster, Dulce creates another person, Mimi (Sara Catherine Bellamy) who from the moment she appears has a totally different vibe to Webster. From the glances she gives and her curiosity to be outside and needing to learn and know, she is an alpha in the making. One scene at the dinner table where she makes Webster look silly eating noodles begins to show her darker intentions. Bellamy brings the movie a darker and more sinister tone and not once does she lose character, she always has you on edge, wondering what her character will do next, she’s like an animal that wants out of the cage. 

The Girl Upstairs shifts its tone dramatically, the movie starts out as a lonely girl trying to make her way in the world and battle her own personal demons. We then shift to a girl making a new friend and finding some happiness and we get some really sweet scenes that melt our heart. Finally, we get the darker side of things where the movie goes completely dark and sinister, which leads to an ending that will have audiences questioning everything they have just watched. It will rack your brain for days and once you think you may have it solved another theory will crop up and it will send you back to the drawing board. 


The Girl Upstairs is a gripping slow burn thriller that plays it’s cards close to its chest. With shining performances from the three main stars and a shock ending that will have your brain ticking for days, this movie is a must watch!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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