Halloween Review (2018)

Halloween (2018)

Directed By: David Gordon Green

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney, Will Patton and Nick Castle

Synopsis: It’s been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived a vicious attack from crazed killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Locked up in an institution, Myers manages to escape when his bus transfer goes horribly wrong. Laurie now faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns to Haddonfield, but this time, she’s ready for him.

Review: Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) returns in a brand new Halloween movie, this movie serves as the true sequel to the original 1978 movie. The other movies from the universe have been erased, yes folks Michael and Laurie are no longer related. This doesn’t effect anything as this movie is hands down the best since the original, may I dare to say on par or even a slight touch better. After the events of tree first movie Michael has been locked away again and has been ‘dormant’ for the last fourty years. Laurie Strode on the other hand played again by Jamie Lee Curtis, has been preparing for Michaels return, fortifying her house, rigging it with traps and a secret room under the house and also taking up shooting and she is and is a sure shot.

Laurie’s character has suffered and lost so much because of her obsession with preparing for Michael’s impending return and has a strained, tense relationship with her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), though Laurie’s grand-daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) makes time for her.

The main man himself Michael is just as brutal as ever once he escapes and makes his way back to Haddonfield, this is definitely the scariest Michael has been in ages.

Once Michael gets his signature mask back and makes it back to the streets of Haddonfield we are immediately treated to a one shot house to house kill spree of Michael showing us he still has the stealthy creepiness he had in the original, James Jude Courtney plays the best incarnation of Michael since Nick Castle in the 1978 classic.

One of the highlights is when Laurie first spots Michael, and playing the part of that first encounter is Nick Castle. Donning the boiler suit and mask for one of the key scenes in the movie, only if it is for about 20 seconds it’s a truly awesome moment.

Will Patton plays Sheriff Hawkins who is also scouring Haddonfield looking Michael, his character is really cool and likeable, once he comes across the first murder scene and realises Michael is on his way back to Haddonfield he springs into action and is determined to catch Michael dead or alive.

The finale is very satisfying and not long winded, the movie is left open for a sequel and I would love to see Jamie Lee Curtis return as her character could potentially be the new Loomis, trying to stop Michael once and for all.

I am excited to see where Blumhouse takes the franchise, a new breath of life has been pumped into making Michael scary again. I would say this. Is a must see with a solid 10/10.


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