Hit the road with the trucking science fiction anthology “18 Wheels of Science Fiction – A Long Haul Into The Fantastic” from Big Time



Los Angeles, CA (October 10, 2018)

Take a trip through the imaginations of 18 visionary writers as they explore the future of trucking in Big Time Books’ new anthology “18 Wheels of Science Fiction – A Long Haul Into The Fantastic.” 

The book contains fictional stories set in the trucking universe, and is the follow-up to the hit anthology “18 Wheels of Horror.” “18 Wheels of Science Fiction – a Long Haul into the Fantastic” contains 18 short stories, all set in the trucking universe. The visionary writers in this new volume from Big Time Books deliver stories about rogue self-driving trucks, wormholes through space time, cyborg drivers, the eternal loneliness of life on the road, and more speculative tales. It is the follow-up to the hit anthology “18 Wheels of Horror.” 


An alien fuel additive shows just how fast a big rig can go… A disembodied driver wages war on self-driving trucks… A haul through time takes an unexpected turn… Reality shatters for a trucker using an experimental delivery device… Stargazing gives an overweight driver a new lease on life… A young girl risks her life to hitch a ride out of an apocalyptic wasteland… 

Writers include: John DeChancie (author of the “Skyways” trucking SF novels), Lisa Morton (multiple award-winning writer), Gary Phillips (mystery novelist, comic book and short story writer), Terry Bisson (Hugo & Nebula award winner), Michael Bailey (multi-award-winning author, editor and publisher), Bond Elam (frequent Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine contributor), Paul Carlson (multiple trucking SF stories published in Analog), Carla Robinson (Nebula Award nominees for her “Battlestar Galactica” script), Kate Jonez (writer and award-winning publisher), Del Howison (multiple award winning editor and writer), among others. 

Pre-orders for Amazon Kindle begin on Oct. 21, 2018.

Ebooks for Nook, Kobo and all other readers go on sale November 4, 2018.

Paperbacks will be available on Amazon.com and at select retailers on Nov. 4th.

Audio books go on sale in December on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.com.  


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