*Interview* Actor & Martial Artist Bren Foster Drops By The Action Reloaded


Most people know you as Wolf Taylor, the character you played in The Last Ship. For people who are not familiar with the character can you fill them in?

Wolf Taylor – was an Elite SAS Australian soldier who joined the cast of The Last Ship in season 2. The premise of The Last Ship was to try save the world after a virus had killed 80% of the worlds population.The mission- find a cure and pull humanity from near extinction. Wolf was pure warrior, not out of ego or false bravado but for a need to serve the greater good and make an honorable contribution to rebuilding the world.

You have a phenomenal set of martial arts skills! What martial arts do you study or studied?

I have Studied martial arts for most of my life, I hold a black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, Karate, Hapkido. Hwa Rang Do, Hai Dong Gumdo, a 7th dan black belt in Taekwondo, with extensive training in Filipino martial arts, Silat, wrestling and Muay Thai. These days I still train diligently and I do my best to keep all that Have learned at a high level. The martial arts journey never ends, there is always more to learn and always room for improvement.

You weren’t always involved in the action genre, you played mostly in Dramas and comedies and had a substantial role on a soap opera, if I’m correct? 

Yes, I have had a vast variety of roles as an actor. Starting with Australian television and movies, then coming to the United States where I was on Days of our Lives, and comedies such as Melissa and Joey and a string of drama/sci-fi films.

I first come across your deadly set of skills in the actioner Maximum Conviction! It must have been quite surreal to star alongside the two Steves?

Yes Maximum Conviction was a great experience, both Steve’s were pretty cool to work with. Got along great with Steve Austin as I spent more time him during shooting, and we shared quite a few laughs.

You reunited with Steven Seagal and director Keoni Waxman for the action thriller Force Of Execution, even though billed as a Seagal movie you took the reigns. That must have been cool to headline an action movie right? 

Yeah it was great working with them again. particularly Keoni who is a fantastic director to work with and also Producer Binh Dang who I love. I got the opportunity to really show some of my martial arts ability in this film which I’m grateful for and to be surrounded by some well known actors was also a blessing. At the time, I had my three month old daughter and 10 year old son with me in new mexico during the shoot and we all saw snow for the first time so it was quite memorable in more ways than one.

You had many fight scenes, do you have a particular flavourite? 

 I think my favorite fight scenes would have to be the 1) hall way fight scene, 2)desert fight scene with knives and 3) the diner fight scene

I really wanted a sequel based solely on your character. Was anything ever discussed?

There was some talk about reuniting Steven and I again for a sequel and even a prequel, but in this business different projects for different people arise and then availability becomes an issue and i guess it just fell through the cracks.

You also played a very well known character in video game format… You were Mad Max! How did that project land in your hands? 

That was a surprise, I just got called in for an audition, then after that I got called into Warner Brothers studios for another audition and then I played the character in a trailer for the game and then they booked me for the role which went on for close to two years working periodically at different times over the time period.

Did you do motion capture? Max is like a million times more Badass in hand to hand. 

I did motion capture for the face but they primarily wanted me for my acting and my voice.

2015 also saw the release of Infini which was kind of like a Aliens/Doom movie. It was cool. What attracted you to the project? 

The director Shane Abbess and his exceptional ability/talent is what attracted me to the project. Shane has a particular way of working which is unique and which I love, he was so passionate about the project and the opportunity to work with him was something I always wanted to do so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it.

Your role which most action people know you for is Wolf Taylor in The Last Ship! Did you get free reign when it came to fight choreography? The fight between Wolf and Lau Hu in the alley was the most badass fight in a TV show yet

Yes, for the most part when I was doing my fights I choreographed all my own fights, with the Lau Hu fight the other actor had input into the moves he like to do and it came together. but for the final fight in season 5 episode 10 the season finale, I choreographed the fight and  with the show’s creator Steven Kane, I  picked the stunt men and even went into the editing sweet to piece the fight together with our editor. I’m very proud of the way the last fight of the entire series looked and felt, its heart breaking.

To clear things up for the debaters….did Wolf die? I’m always saying he didn’t and receive a look like I’m holding onto some sort of hope haha

HE ABSOLUTELY LIVED!!! HE WAS SHOT ONCE IN THE BULLET PROOF CHEST PLATE, SHOT ONCE THROUGH THE SIDE WHERE THE BULLET PASSED THROUGH WITHOUT TOUCHING ANY MAJOR ORGANS OR ARTERIES AND HE WAS STABBED THROUGH THE SHOULDER TRAPEZIUS MUSCLE.He lost a lot of blood, but as you saw he had oxygen tubes in his nose to help him breath but he was conscious and holding his girlfriends hand tight as they carried him out on the stretcher. I assure you he lives, currently living in Bondi beach selling surf boards taking a break from saving the world:-))))

You have recently reteamed with action director Keoni Waxman for Alpha Code? Can you tell me anything about the project? 

That was such a fun project, yes was great working with Keoni Waxman and Binh Dang again and also Milan friedrich for the first time. It was great to work with Keoni in this fashion because we worked quite closely in terms of the character as this was  important for the role as the character was not really a guy who can fight too well here, although there is some VERY cool action its also quite a dramatic film which relied heavily on my performance. Was also great working Denise Richards, Randy Couture and the very talented Czech star Sabin Rojkova. For comparisons project is a cross between the movies Close Encounters and the Fugitive- about Martin Fell (me) desperately trying to find out why his daughter has disappeared through very strange circumstances 

I have also seen a movie labelled as Z Block, please fill me in!! 

Z block is a film I’m attached to and set to play the lead role, directed by critically acclaimed director Serhat Caradee. Set in a prison where all hell breaks loose as the lead character struggles to find the will to live without his deceased wife and find the will to fight for his own life against inmates genetically altered by secret military experiments gone wrong.  

Other than the ones mentioned are there any other projects upcoming you can discuss? 

There are a few projects in development. Some exciting ones with Shane Abbess, but hopefully everything progresses as planned and I can let you know soon as possible.


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