*Interview* Actress & Hallmark Regular, Lisa Durupt


I’d like to start by asking how you got into the acting business?

I was supposed to go away for college hockey, but I kept dislocating my shoulder in my senior year. I took a few local university courses to get me through my year off as I got surgery, and one was a theatre course. I fell in love and completely switched gears for about two weeks. Singing, acting, dancing, I went all in!

You have some background in stunts, can you tell me a little more of your involvement in the stunt game?

I took a stage combat class. Once I had decided to stay home and enroll in the theatre program full time. The teacher was the main stunt coordinator for the local film industry, and when he found out I was athletic and was now getting into dance, he approached me about working in stunts. I jumped right in!

Do you prefer acting or the stunt side of the business?

I love the acting part. Stunts were so fun, but it is a very specific beast, and those who do it are fierce athletes. I think I was very lucky to rely on my abilities at a young age, but I saw the work it took to succeed in that lifestyle, and I was not as passionate about training 5 to 8 hours a day in martial arts and driving, etc. I love acting.

You are no stranger to TV, you are well known for your Hallmark movies, I interviewed Jesse ‘Hallmark’ Hutch recently! You two really need to make a Christmas movie together!

I would love that. He is a great guy. The last time I saw him, I joked with him that we look like Hallmark’s Kristine Bell and Ricky Martin. I mean, who does not want to see that Holiday film lol!

While speaking of Christmas, you have done so many Christmas movies! What attracts you to these movies?

I love Christmas. I am a sucker for baking and the music and the traditions! Those films are quick 3-week contracts that are fun to be a part of, and they film quite a few in my home city, so you don’t need to travel or be away from your family. Once you do a couple, you get to know the Hallmark and Lifetime families, and it is like going to camp each time.

You also starred opposite Alison Sweeney in the Murder, She Baked Hallmark movies. How did you land the role on the movie series?

I auditioned like everyone else, and it worked out. That was, to this day, one of my favorite characters. The crazy part is Hallmark still gets insane amounts of mail and social media questions about when they might bring it back. It is the number one requested show for a Hallmark reboot! Fingers crossed.

Had you read any of the novels?

I have not, but I did once we worked on it. They are cute, and the recipes are awesome! Plus, I felt guilt-free eating the baking as it was clearly for work.

You seem to have a good relationship with Alison Sweeney and Nikki Deloach, were you friends prior to making movies together?

No, not at all. I had heard of them both, and oddly enough, each had been a large part of my childhood television watching experience. I did not even realize it until I became friends with them. They are like my sisters now, and I will keep them forever. They have no choice.

Touching back to my man ‘Hallmark Hutch’ you have both also featured in the tv series ‘Supernatural’, how was your experience on the show?

Supernatural was so cool. A surreal experience to be part of such a well-oiled machine. The crew and cast have been together for so long. They make the whole experience so easy. I got to kill a bunch of bikers in a bar as a singing nun. I mean yes, please!

What’s your favorite movie genre?

Horror! I think it is a really tough one to do well. There is such an art to scaring people just enough that is not too gross or too unbelievable. My husband laughs because as much as I love it, I need to watch it with the sound down and my head in my scarf. Then I rewind it and analyze it. I want to do more of it.

Your latest movie is titled Love, Guaranteed. What can you tell us about it and your role?

Love Guaranteed is the story of a lawyer who represents a man looking to sue an online dating site after he does not find true love.

I played Denise, a paralegal that will leave you questioning how she still has her job, but at the same time keep you rooting for the underdog.

It was a total blast to work with Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr.,but my wingman, Roberto (played by Sean Amsing), steals the show and landed himself in my “top 3 people to work with, ever” category!

After Love Guaranteed what can we expect to see you in next?

Currently, you can catch me on Heartland, Christmas with a Crown, or some of the older holiday Hallmark and Lifetime movies. But keep an eye on my social media. I go back to work in the new year and will be happy to share more once they let me.


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