*Interview* Chad Michael Collins Talks Sniper: Assassin’s End & More


AR: Welcome back my man, Chad! It’s always a pleasure to have you feature on the site! You really need to be the face of it at this rate 😂

CMC: Well, I don’t get to be the face of a whole lot of things so I am happy to be the face of your great website! I’ll keep making the action projects, to give you lots more content of course.

AR: Firstly congratulations on Call Of Duty, it really seems to have been a major hit for you!!

CMC: Thank you! Playing Alex in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been an absolute joy. The game was the best-selling video game on the planet in 2019, and it is also the best-selling game of this year. I’m just blown away by its success and how well it has been received. Such an honor.

AR: You have returned to our screens playing the role of our favourite sniper ‘Brandon Beckett’! How did it feel to be back?

CMC: Yes, Brandon Beckett is back behind scope for another Sniper film adventure! It was almost 3 years in between filming our last one and this one so it felt great to step back into his combat boots. And I think we made something really fun and special that will reinvigorate the franchise overall.

AR: How long did this entry take to complete filming?

CMC: We filmed this one on an 18-day shoot. So, about three weeks from start to finish with cameras rolling.

AR: The backdrops looked amazing, some really beautiful scenery, was this shot in Canada?

CMC: Yes, we shot this in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. Such a beautiful area. And our wonderful Director Kaare Andrews and his production team took full advantage of the natural majesty of the area. I’m particularly proud of how gorgeous a lot of the forest scenes turned out. It was a lot of fun to be outdoors filming action scenes running through a mossy, emerald swath of trees. Those were some of my favorite days of filming.

AR: This entry focused more on Thomas and Brandon’s relationship, it felt more personal to them! Was that element an attraction to the script for you?

CMC: Honestly, I’m always excited to get every Sniper script. This one felt a little extra special in the way that they had so many great scenes between father and son, myself and the original legendary sniper Tom Berenger. He’s a blast to work with, and it was a pleasure to have Thomas Beckett back in the fold for this movie.

AR: Whilst being a ‘Sniper’ movie, it also felt like a backdoor pilot to a spin-off featuring the character ‘Zero’? Is this intended?

CMC: Yes, we introduce a new character in this one, a federal agent named Zero played masterfully by Ryan Robbins. He did a fantastic job and was also a pleasure to work with. I think audiences will enjoy the contrast between that character and Brandon Beckett a lot. I never know what Sony pictures has in store for our franchise, but I certainly wouldn’t be mad if they brought him back for more.

AR: You have a couple of hand to hand fight scenes, more martial art based. Did you have to do much prep for the combat scenes?

CMC: That is one of my favorite things about this installment, so much fight choreography and hand-to-hand combat action. Of course, we have plenty of shoot-outs and gun action. But we were blessed to have an amazing fight and stunt coordinator named Brett Chan come aboard and put us through the paces. We were not on set filming, we were in Brett’s dojo endlessly rehearsing many of the sequences. So we did spend a lot of time getting the complex fights down which I think will really be enjoyed by audiences around the world.

AR: I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, you have to make it to Sniper 10! Right?

CMC: Fast & Furious franchise…we are coming for you! I’d be thrilled to make it to 10 movies. I’d be even more thrilled to make it to 20. I’d love to make more Sniper films for the rest of my career quite honestly. Hopefully, we keep the train rolling until Brandon bequeathes his gun to the next Sniper star.

AR: To go slightly off topic, can we expect to see a sequel to your awesome action/horror ‘High Moon’?

CMC: I’m glad you enjoyed our action-horror-western film! That was a lot of fun to shoot. As of now, I don’t know of any plans for a sequel or a prequel. But I do hope that Colt gets to ride again someday!

AR: After our Chad fix of ‘Sniper Assassin’s End’ what can we expect next from yourself?

CMC: Well, my highest hope is to get another Sniper film under our belt before years end, but that is up to Sony. Outside of that, I have been enjoying the Call of Duty ride immensely. It’s been so great to connect with fans and gamers around the world with it. I always have irons in the fire on my end, so we will see which one of them pops first. Hopefully it will be a project that continues to be a great fit for your site, my friend!

AR: Thank you so much again for dropping by, I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table next!


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