*Interview* Director, Brent Christy

AR: How did you get into the film industry?

BC: My local cable access television station was the first place I was paid to operate a camera. I cut my teeth in the glamourous world of city council meetings and high school hockey games.

AR: You worked on the hit show Banshee and the Marvel movie Iron Man 3. What was it like working on such big productions?

BC: Working as a set lighting technician provided me countless opportunities to watch great filmmakers build their stories. Sharing a set with professionals who overcame difficult production environments and embraced their crew with a collaborative spirit is something I’m constantly trying to emulate.

AR: You’re no stranger to directing. Your debut film was Legal Action; What attracted you to direct this, and to make it your first feature?

BC: Producer Gary Wheeler and I had worked together on a handful of productions where I was the Cinematographer. Gary and Executive Producer Doug Butts gave me a shot to shoot and direct when Legal Action came around and I’ve been fortunate enough to keep working with Gary and Doug since then.

AR: You went on to direct The Legend of Five Mile Cave and The Warrant. Are you a fan of Westerns? What are your top 5?

BC: Sitting in the living room of my childhood home watching Big Jake and Shane with my dad are some of my warmest memories. Films like Once Upon a Time in the West and The Searchers are easy for me to cherry pick, but I find myself coming back to Pale Rider and My Darling Clementine just as often.

AR: You have worked with Director and Writer, Shea Sizemore several times. How did this partnership form?

BC: Shea and I connected over a shared love of storytelling and have collaborated a handful of times over the years on films he’s written and directed. He has this way of bringing empathy to characters beloved and despised alike. I’m a better filmmaker because of his spirit of generosity.

AR: There are two movies currently in production: County Line: No Fear and County Line: All In. When will these be released? Can you tell us what each movie is about?

BC: County Line: All In and County Line: No Fear are sequels to the original County Line movie, continuing the story of sheriff Alden Rockwell as he solves crimes and brings justice to his home and neighboring counties. The movies will be distributed by Imagicomm Entertainment; and will have an initial release in digital media.

AR: What was it like working with Dukes of Hazzard legend Tom Wopat?

BC: Tom has a bottomless well of energy and true passion for making movies. He’s deeply invested in the characters he plays, and getting to watch him behind the lens every day during production was a joy.

AR: After these two movies, are there plans to make more County Line movies (If so, maybe you could feature John Schneider [Bo Duke] as Alden’s cousin)?

BC: Now that’s a great idea. Keep putting that out there! You never know what could happen…

AR: After the County Line sequels, what can we expect to see from you next?

BC: Gary Wheeler has a few more projects in development set in the Western genre. It’s an honour getting to keep revisiting this historic era that’s ripe for storytelling.