*Interview* ‘Havoc’ Himself, JD Angstadt Drops By The Action Reloaded


Thank you for taking time to answer some of my questions! To start off, could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved in the industry?

Some of the best memories of childhood are all about movies.  Back of the station wagon at the drive-in or when my Mom would come home with 6 movies at a time from the video store.  We would all binge watch them and race back to the store just in time to avoid late charges the next day. Later, we ended up owning a video store and I remember recommending “Hellraiser”, “Seventh Sign”, “Young Guns”, “Big” among others.  I watched everything and could give a recommendation on any genre. Segue to 2017, my nephew, John Fife, who has been Rene Perez’s Line Producer on a number of films, asked me if I wanted to have some fun for a “couple of days next week.” He said they needed someone big and athletic (stuntman) to run around in the snow for a while.  He knew I do triathlons and I’m always ready for some fun. It was a dream come true, from lifetime movie fan to a movie stuntman.

You first came to my attention when I realised you played serial killer in Rene Perez’s fourth Havoc entry! How did the role come your way? 

Probably because of a shot I botched in “Playing with Dolls: Havoc!”  It was a scenic, wide, boom shot of Nicole Stark’s character running across pristine snow away from Havoc.  I was supposed to go after her in the same shot, nope. Somehow I couldn’t hear Rene yelling my queue, “Action!”  All I could hear was my heavy breathing and the snow crunching underfoot as I was pacing back and forth. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any trouble hearing him when he yelled “Cut!”  Rene couldn’t reshoot because the snow wasn’t pristine anymore. So, he had to fix the scene by doing a close-up of me taking off running after her. As I remember, we did about 4 takes until he was happy.  As he was starting to move the camera I asked him for one more. I went off script a bit, but more importantly I stopped “acting.” I felt everything. Bottled anger, confusion, killer’s instinctive muscle memory.  I toggled my sanity. At least that’s how it felt. He used that take in the movie and I went into therapy (just kidding).   

The role is not noted on IMDB, but have you played Havoc from the first movie? 

No.  I’ve only been Havoc in the last two Playing With Dolls movies.  It’s an honor to add my DNA to the mask along with Charlie Glacklin’s.  He did all the cabin scenes in PWD: Havoc. Shout out to my fellow meatbags that have held up a mask in a movie!

JD Angstadt with Nicole Stark – Playing With Dolls: Havoc

Do you have a personal favourite Havoc movie and a favourite kill?

“Cry Havoc” took me to very dark places within myself that I’ve never been before.  It has to be my favourite just for that alone. It’s also the movie with my favourite kill which is a very believable scene with the amazing actress Emily Sweet.  Spoilers – she dies. Her acting was so … real. Havoc watched her die from 1 foot away. She has the scene on her acting reel on IMDB. Incidentally, the mask has drawn blood in every  movie I’ve been in. Nicole Stark got the back of her head on the barbed wire during our struggle in PWD: Havoc and Sierra Sherbundy ended up with a scratch on her face in Cry Havoc.

JD Angstadt with Emily Sweet – Cry Havoc

Havoc is on his way to being a remembered slasher villain, such as Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers. Can we expect to see another entry? 

Rene and I are both ready.  I’ve been told “Cry Havoc” will be going through theatrical release instead of direct to video.  Slasher fans and Charles Bronson/Bronzi fans, go see this movie! That will virtually guarantee another one gets made.  Rene should have producers lining up for the next one when this one hits the market.

What do you think about when you see Havoc on screen?

That’s definitely not me up there.  I do everything I can think of to make it not me. Starting with my conversation with Rene, instead of asking if I “Should I put on the mask?” I ask, “Are you ready for me to go in?”  Also, I talk to him (the mask) see if he’s ready to play. Stuff like that, all to make it authentic and not me. I have no idea how the actors who played Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers did it.  Did Jack Nicholson temporarily go insane in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining?”  What about Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as The Joker in “The Dark Knight?”

JD Angstadt – Cry Havoc

If Havoc does return what direction would you like to see the movie go?

How he became Havoc seems like a popular idea.  Fans of the Playing with Dolls franchise have been visualizing the story from the beginning.  Richard Tyson’s (as the Voyeur) performance in “Cry Havoc” where he explains Havoc’s backstory was pretty vivid, but it would be cool to see Rene’s vision come to life on screen.

You also teamed up with director Rene Perez for Death Kiss and got to work Charles Bronson lookalike Bronzi! It must have been awesome to be associated with an homage movie to a classic actor and franchise? 

Right!?  Bronzi is made of iron.  I used to be a cowboy, rode bulls in rodeos, the whole thing.  I’ve met some tough dudes in my life and Robert Bronzi is up there near the top.   I actually backhanded him in one of our scenes. It’s there on film, you can see his hair fly up from the impact!  He was thrown around, choked, punched and kicked for 2 days. No complaints, no soreness. He was always ready for more.  Tough dude.

JD Angstadt with Robert Bronzi – Cry Havoc

Rene Perez is a one man film crew, he does so much from the editing to the music. The guy doesn’t get the recognition he deserves right?

Four months!  It’s really hard to believe when you consider how hard it is to make a movie.  He can do it all in four months. Write the script, cast the parts, scout the locations, cinematographer (camera and lighting), direct the scenes, edit the scenes together, compose the music to a “theme”, add titles and credits, create the trailer, create posters, promote the movie and the 50 other jobs he has to do.  He’s a movie making slot machine that pays off every 4 months. Imagine if he had quarters to work with instead of pennies. Just give him more money, pull the slot machine handle and stand back. Out comes unique content. @Netflix, @Hulu, @HBO, @SonyPictures, @NBCUniversal or any of the other emerging streaming services should talk with Rene about his ideas.  Can you imagine a Havoc series with action figures?!

You are on the  cast list for Rene Perez’s next movie – a western- Once Upon A Time In Deadwood, can you talk about your role? 

I can tell you, I’m the leader of a band of robbers.  I have about 3 minutes to get everyone to hate me or be completely disgusted.  Something I do well. If you ask my sister, I only need 1 second.

Apart from Once Upon A Time in Deadwood are there any other projects on the horizon? 

I just finished filming with Rene for a movie called “Cabal.” One of the coolest set locations, I’ve been to.

Thank you for chatting with me JD you are awesome, Keep on killing buddy!!

Thank you Jeff. Appreciate the support!


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