*Interview* Scott Adkins!!! Stops By To Chat Legacy Of Lies & More


AR: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Scott, firstly a massive congrats on Payback (Debt Collector 2) and Ip Man 4, both brilliant films

Adkins: No worries Jeff and thank you

AR: To jump in, Legacy Of Lies. Your character Martin, honestly has the worst opening 30 minutes of any movie character i have seen! He gets knocked out, tortured and his get away car is a Vauxhall Zafira! Which growing up our family had one and it was nothing but problems (laughs). Martin also has some personal demons, are these things that attracted you to the script?

Adkins: (laughs) well when you put it that way! He is having a bad day. I dont mind portraying a character who is struggling. Often them characters are the most interesting. You got action stars out there that don’t want to get hit, get a hair out of place and not a scratch on them. I don’t mind taking a beating especially if its necessary to the story.

AR: While this is essentially an Adkins movie, it’s more of a different approach than the average beat ’em up. Its a very character driven story, rather than an action story.

Adkins: Yes, but i think you could say the same about Debt Collector 2 to be honest. You know I’m more interested in that, telling stories and playing characters. I used to make a lot of films that were just fight films and it was just like right get to the next fight scene. The ideal idea now is to have a great character and a great story and have some great action set pieces in there and have the best of everything. That’s really the goal.

AR: You are an awesome actor, with strong screen presence. I’d love to see you in an old school thriller without the fighting. Would that be something you would be interested in doing?

Adkins: Thats a difficult one really, as i have a huge fan base that expects the fight side from me. The thing is, deep down in my heart im a martial arts action geek. I love it and im passionate about it so i want to do it while im fit and healthy and can do it. At the same time i do want people to notice me more for my acting because I do kinda get a bad rap to be honest. You gotta be Robert De Niro to turn some of the dialogue I’ve had say myself into good acting. I try and choose better scripts but also with the likes of Debt Collectors and Accident Man i was involved in the writing process. So i can make a better script and make something i could be proud of.

AR: More recently with scripts you have had the underlying comedic tone.

Adkins: Yeah, but definitely not in Legacy Of Lies. When we work with Stu Small we do. I think comedy goes in an action film very well. But Legacy Of Lies is not one of those.

AR: Legacy Of Lies is your first collaboration with Adrian Bol, how did you guys meet?

Adkins: The project came to me through my agent and i liked the script. Then I looked at Adrians previous work and i liked what he was doing.

AR: Would the character of Martin Baxter ever be one you would revisit?

Adkins: I certainly want to work with Adrian again and we could make a sequel but we will see how the response for this is. Never say never.

AR: I think the response will be huge. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Adkins: That’s great to hear. It’s hard for me to know when your so close to the project, its only until you read the reviews (laughs)

AR: Slightly off topic but its my first interview with you and i have wanted to ask since 2012! How was going toe to toe with Jason Statham in The Expendables 2?

Adkins: Easy! (laughs) No, Jason is a very good screen fighter it was a pleasure to work with him. We are all proud of him in England. It was amazing to be in that film with all those guys. I was happy to be welcomed in by Mr. Stallone.

AR: Whats up next for you Scott?

Adkins: Next out is The Intergalactic Adventures Of Max Cloud, its a sci-fi action comedy!

AR: Will your next time back on set be with Dolph Lundgren on Castle Falls?

Adkins: Its suppose to be, but of course we can’t get back into America their not letting anyone in. We were shooting it in Alabama.

AR: You and Dolph are going head to head?

Adkins: It’s more of a team up. Dolph is directing it. I have always had alot of time for Dolph, I like him alot, hes a good guy and it will be our fourth time together. It’s always enjoyable working with him.

AR: If you could sequel any of your movies you haven’t sequel’d, what would you choose? I’d love to see more Close Range or Uni Sol.

AR: Oh good choices there. I could see more movies with the character from Close Range. I thought he was a cool character. Universal Soldier was a great movie, John Hyams come on board for 3 & 4 and I think he knocked it out the park. That’s Van Damme’s franchise though. Accident Man 2 is what i want to do. I was getting ready to shoot it but the whole covid thing happened and it stopped.

AR: Accident Man is your baby right?

Adkins: Yeah i enjoy doing Accident Man, I think its so much fun.

AR: Thank you so much for your time Scott!


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