*Interview* Scream Queen Sadie Katz Talks Her Career & What’s Ahead

AR: Thank you for taking time to chat with me Sadie.

SK: Thank you! I’m grateful for you including me on your awesome website.

AR: How have you been spending your time during this whole lockdown/pandemic?

SK: It’s been a crazy time, right? It’s so surreal I keep having the feeling I’ve already been in this movie. Seriously, I think at the very beginning when we did the two week quarantine I was kinda grateful. We live in a time where being busy constantly especially in Los Angeles can be exhausting. My fiance and I, like the rest of the US, were Netflix and chilling and eating all our stocked up groceries. When we realized this was going to be our life for a while – I signed up for Masterclass which I totally recommend. I wrote a script, did some cross-stitch, started boxing and honestly cried a lot. I love working, I love people and I think physical contact is so important. I’ll be so grateful when this is behind us.

AR: Are you allowed back to work at this current stage?

SK: I’m just now getting back into auditioning and finally have a music video shoot this week. There’s a lot of covid-regulations in place- it creates an extra obstacle but as creatives “the show must go on.”

AR: To rewind to early days, how did you first get into the industry?

SK: I feel really lucky that I always knew what I wanted to do. At four years old I would watch The Wizard Of Oz and be just mesmerized by the magic of film. I grew up in Orange County and I always was involved in children’s theatre or school shows. When I was in my early 20’s I moved to Los Angeles with my one year old son and started auditioning for student films to build my reel. I also worked as an assistant for television producer/writer Glen A. Larson who helped me learn more about writing and the inside workings of the industry. It’s a crazy job, a crazy club to be in but it’s also really addictive. Anytime I was like I just can’t keep doing this- I’d book an acting gig that would get me back on the hamster wheel. At a certain time I stopped debating on quitting and realized this was the only thing I wanted besides being a mom.

AR: It must be cool having Scream Queen status, right?

SK: I think it is pretty cool. Mostly because horror fans are the absolute best. I have some friends, Felissa Rose who has been doing horror films for 25 plus years, Victoria De Mare who has literally been in over a hundred horror films. Maybe they deserve the crown more so I don’t take it too, too seriously but hey it’s fun to join a group of really hard working actresses.

AR: Was horror a favourite genre of yours growing up?

SK: I blame horror films for why I couldn’t sleep with the light off or go down my bedroom hallway without running! I’m a HUGE chicken but I loved Tales From The Darkside, Tales from the Crypt and lived for the Twilight Zone marathon. They say people with anxiety are drawn to horror films, I think that’s why horror appeals so much to kids and teens. It’s a real thrill that you actually feel like you survived something when the movie is over.

AR: When you read a horror script what attracts you the most, the characters, the story or the death scenes?

SK: Reading a script that you know you’re up for it’s kinda a funny experience because when you get to the death scenes and just the wildness that emotionally you’re going to have to go to these really dark insane places! Or if you have some scenes that are particularly bloody you know you’re in for a sticky good time shooting. I will say when I was cast in Wrong Turn 6 I was screaming out loud going I can’t believe what I’m about to do. I was both challenged and also like wow, a love scene with my brother with a melted face and one leg crying tears of joy. I mean what’s more challenging than that? I’m into story, character, the death scenes are the sorta weird icing on the cake!

AR: I first come across you in Wrong Turn 6, how did you get involved with that movie?

SK: There was so much talk about a horror sequel that was casting in LA. It was super hush hush what series- I had a director I worked with call me and leak what the script was and also that I would be perfect for Sally. Then, I had another producer friend call and say they knew the producer and said you gotta get the part you’d nail it. My agent at the time Robert Lombard was super awesome and got me in the room- I was so hellbent on getting the part I actually asked for letters of recommendations from both the director and producer who called me. I auditioned, got a callback and then carried my phone an inch a way for two weeks. I have to say when I got the call that I got the part it was a big break for me and I cried my eyes out.

AR: Is it true initially there was to be a direct sequel too it?

SK: The writer, Frank Woodworth who I just love did leave it open to a sequel. He told me his idea and I thought it was brilliant. But, studios have a lot of different ideas and I’m lucky because Wrong Turn opened the door for a lot of other projects. Of course, if they ever decided to bring Sally back I’d be pretty stoked.

AR: You’re a writer, director, actress and producer, out of them credentials, what is the most challenging?

SK: Writing requires a lot of discipline- it can be lonely and frustrating . The characters live in your head and getting them to be alive on the page is incredibly rewarding but during the writing it can be a grind. I actually enjoy producing – it’s a totally different gig but feels so empowering. I’d like to do more directing. I think the biggest challenge is getting financing. Acting well getting the gigs can be almost as hard as doing the work. Sorry, that’s an interesting question because they’re all just so damn hard but can be so rewarding.

AR:Who were your influences in the industry while growing up?

SK: I really loved Jodie Foster. Watching her as a kid in Little Girl Down the Lane she’s just amazing and of course Taxi Driver.

AR: You starred in a movie titled Hanukkah, what was it like working with Sid Haig, Caroline Williams ans PJ Soles?

SK: Although I didn’t have any scenes with Sid I felt super fortunate to be in what was sadly his last film. He was such a nice human and super humble. Caroline and I met in Germany filming Bloodfeast. She was a lot of fun and really talented. PJ Soles is an amazingly cool actress. If you go to any signings with her she’s normally wearing a Romanes’ t-shirt and a big smile. She’s funny and a sport. I met her when I asked her to talk about Bill Murray in my documentary “The Bill Murray Experience.” When interviewing her I was really surprised by what a presence she has. She seems really comfortable with her life and who she is. To play her daughter in Hanukkah is such a full circle thing for me.

AR: You have quite a few projects in development at the minute, can you talk me through Megan?

SK: I’m so excited about Megan being released by Lionsgate. It’s my most challenging role. Director Silvio Nacucchi wrote an intense and complex character of an overprotective sister (Megan) who works out her revenge on a passing by hiker played by Randy Wayne. Randy is absolutely brilliant in the film and I’ll say as actors we both had to go to insane places. The crew was Italian and something that’s so great about Italians is their passion and respect of film. Every shot was done so unique, beautiful and pretty damn scary. Without giving anything away I will say there’s a really smart twist at the end that you don’t see coming!

AR: Also another that caught my eye was Amityville Harvest, are you allowed to tell me anything about it?

SK: Oh gosh this film is just so fun. A classic monster movie directed by the very talented Thomas Churchill. I play a reporter who brings her crew to the house of a mysterious gentleman played by the crazy talented Kyle Lowder who’s a twice nominated Emmy nominee if you’re into soaps you’d recognize him from Days of Our Lives. This film has so many fun jumps and scares. Lionsgate was so happy about the film that they just completed shooting part two!

AR: Would you have a favourite horror movie or horror franchise?

SK: I love The Purge movies. I also love the Scream franchise and Saw. I’d rather watch a sequel than a reboot. There’s something cool about getting to return to a series you already love. The kind of bonus is the debate about which was your favorite sequel.

AR: Your movie Bloodfeast was quite gory, did you have fun playing the Godess?

SK: Yeah director Marcel Walz didn’t hold back on the gore! It was so much fun playing Goddess Ishtar because I felt like I approached Ishtar as a silent film actor. It was challenging but also really cool to play such an iconic character and put my own spin on it. Added bonus was the crew and cast calling me Goddess. Ha.

AR: More recently horror has become all about the paranormal and the simple slasher seems to be fading out, do you prefer to shoot a good old ghost story or would you rather shoot a slasher flick?

SK: I really love a good ol ghost story. Slasher films can be fun and really thrilling to watch – terrifying to film. I think playing the antagonist in a slasher film is a ton of fun; playing the protagonist is a lot of crying and losing your shit also fun but you definitely need a lot of self care after filming!

AR:Apart from the ones mentioned what else is due next for you?

SK: Thomas Churchill has talked about joining him on another project. I had a few projects that were lost to 2020. I’m trying to be open to what is meant to be.

AR: I really look forward to following more your career Sadie. Thank you so much for your time!

SK: Thank you so much and thanks for supporting myself and the horror community! So appreciated.


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