*Interview* With Action Hero & Martial Artist Bryan Genesse

AR: Thank you for your time Bryan, firstly the big question! do you still study martial arts?

BG: I do After a few black belts and thirteen years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I earned my BJJ black belt under master Jean Jacques Machado. Now almost 20 years I to BJJ, I teach every week at my academy http://www.vwnombjj.com. I combine BJJ with nogi, self-defense, Muay Thai kicks, and Hung Gar attacks and foot work.

AR: I have to say Bryan, I am a massive fan of Street Justice! How did you get involved with the series?

BG: At the time I was working in Italy doing publicity for my work on The Bold and the Beautiful when my Los Angeles agent at APA called me and asked me to fly back to L.A. to audition for a new Stephen J. Cannel series with Carl Weathers already attached. I flew back auditioned then flew back to Italy to continue my talks shows and public appearances. After a few more weeks my agent called and I flew back to meet Carl and the producers…flew back to Italy, and a couple days later my agent called me in Rome with the offer to costar in the series. I was elated.

AR: Its a shame it was cancelled after the second season. Would you ever consider making a comeback if Carl Weather’s was game?

BG: I certainly would.

AR: You done a few action movies after that were quite enjoyable. Human Timebomb was an enjoyable movie, did you do all your own stunts for the movie?

BG: Actually, yes, I did most of my own stunt work, including repelling down the drive-in movie screen in Timebomb while firing my weapon. Of course, I did all my own fight scenes as often choreographed several too with the right coordinator and other martial artists like Gary Daniels. In Street Justice, I was the fight choreographer.

AR: Your most talked about fight is in Cold Harvest against Gary Daniels, how long did it take too film?

BG: That took us two or three days and included some wire-work, which was performed by stunt doubles. But, all of the fighting and many of the stunts are Gary and me sweating it out. I love Cold Harvest. Great Director-Isaac Florentine, who is also a formidable martial artist, and the incredible fight choreographer, Akihiro Noguchi.

AR: With the amount of action in the movie I am sure the shoot was physically tough on you and Gary?

BG: It doesn’t matter how complicated the fight scenes are, we both hit the gym daily and fed our bodies with great food. As professional actors and martial artists part of out job is to stay in top shape so we can perform on demand.

AR: You also featured in Operation Delta Force 3, that franchise was so much fun, I am sure you had a blast filming that?

BG: Such a hoot to film, I enjoyed being part of an ensemble in ODF 3. The entire cast did a great job.

AR: Out of your filmography do you have a favourite fight scene?

BG: My fights with Gary Daniels in Cold Harvest are my faves. It was such a joy to be able to work with another high level martial artist and nice guy.

AR: I have noticed you have taken a backseat from acting, would you ever consider coming back to kick some more asses?

BG: Kicking ass is what I do best. Most people don’t know that during my first week of shooting my last feature film, FIRE, a severe injury sidetracked my career. While performing a simple judo flip on a bad guy, I hyperextend my leg blowing up my left knee, tearing back muscles, and ripping my left hamstring in two places. It took me an operation, several years, and a lot of physical therapy to learn to walk again without a cane.

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