IP Man: Kung Fu Master (2021) Review


Directed By: Li Liming

Starring: Dennis To, Yuan Li Ruoxin & Michael Wong

Synopsis: Decades before becoming Bruce Lee’s legendary teacher, the young Ip Man, a police officer in Foshan and soon to be a father for the first time, finds himself in the middle of a deadly plot. Out for vengeance is Qing Chuan, the dangerous daughter of a ruthless but honourable mobster who has been killed under mysterious circumstances while in custody at the police station. Ip Man must face this threat, while also contending with the arrival of the Japanese army in Guangdong province.

Returning to play this iconic role, Dennis To (Ip Man: The Legend Is Born, Kung Fu League) is back for the latest outing in this wildly popular, fight-filled franchise, boasting world-class martial arts action.

Review: Dennis To returns as IP Ma he does quite a good job of living up the stature of Donnie Yen. This movie is unrelated to the Donnie Yen franchise and people should be advised to see this as a standalone entry and not compare.

Dennis To has a likeable screen presence, from the moment you see him and watch his first fight – which doesn’t take long at all – you are captivated. Dennis moves really well and brings some of the familiar styled fights we saw in Donnie Yen’s movies.

Many reviews have slammed this movie, it’s not as bad as you may have read. The story may have be done before a thousand times, but what movie hasn’t got that stigma around it these days?

IP Man: Kung Fu Master has some great fight scenes a highlight being the opening Vs a dojo fight, another highlight is a fight set in the rain, again it’s been done before but it just looks so amazing. If there’s one thing this movie is not short of it’s fight scenes. The final entry I’ll add as a highlight is the homage to Bruce Lee (Kato)/ Donnie Yen ( Legend Of The Fist).

Overall, IP Man: Kung fu Master is a fun 80 minute martial arts movie that is packed with fight scenes. While not ground breaking it provides the exact entertainment you want and expect from these spinoff movies.


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