LP Soundtrack and DVD Movie available to order now! DANGER DIVA The Cyberpunk rock and roll thriller from the director of the cult classic SHREDDER ORPHEUS!

411 Mania:

“A definite must see for sci-fi fans and fans of bizarre cinema. Very cool through and through!”

The Movie Elite:

“DANGER DIVA is a love letter to pure musical talent and independent artistry, something needed ever more in today’s increasingly claustrophobic and corporate environment.” 

Robert McGinley, the writer, director, and star of the apocalyptic skate punk classicSHREDDER ORPHEUS, is back with the brand new musical thriller DANGER DIVA, starring Molly Sides of Thunderpussy!

In DANGER DIVA, audiences are taken on a dystopean journey into the near future with hard rock singer Devi Danger (played by Molly Sides) as she is coerced into becoming an electronically enhanced new-music diva. Her singing voice is used to control andenergize the brains of indoctrinated employees (also known as “Brain Cattle”) that are being used as external processors for the advancement of corporate high tech clients. Operating in a digital sweatshop, these “Brain Cattle” process binary algorithms that serve as a chorus for Devi Danger.  

BZ Film:

“Robert McGinley’s vision here is unique and refreshing … DANGER DIVA … is unusual in almost every sense, and often looks surreal.”

Daily Grindhouse:

“DANGER DIVA is a dazzling, mind-reeling “lo-fi sci-fi” musical cyberpunk thriller…” 

Writer / director McGinley’s influences for the film came mainly from cyberpunk literature and films; in particular, William Gibson’s “NEUROMANCER” and the science-fiction classic, BLADE RUNNER. Further inspired by the Ella Fitzgerald “Is it live, or is it Memorex” commercial, DANGER DIVA explores the conflict between high tech vs. high touch, and what it means to be human in a digitally enhanced bio- tech future.  

Music anchors these themes with an eclectic rocking score with songs by Seattle-based rock band THUNDERPUSSY and composer Regan Remy. McGinley explains, “In the midst of this rock ‘n roll saga, the audience will have an opportunity to ponder future technology nightmares like the use of enslaved human brains as external hard drive processors, or employing human offspring as vehicles for life extension.” 

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