Michael Jai White and Gillian White Talk The Island!

Hey Michael and Gillian, how’s it going?

GW: Good, thank you!

Great to have you both back.

MJW: Right, good to see you again.

Likewise. let’s jump into some questions. Michael, first off, I want to touch on “One More Shot,” particularly the impressive one-shot fight with Adkins. How was that experience?

MJW: I thought One Shot was the most amazing action movie I’d seen. Scott’s performance in that was just unparalleled, so I was really happy about doing a sequel with him. It was a challenge, but seeing the final product was amazing. Scott’s performance was outstanding, and doing a sequel with him was a no-brainer.

It’s always thrilling to see you and Scott in action. Now, moving on to “The Island,” where you’re kicking butt together. What drew you both to the script?

GW: Funny story, we later found out it was written specifically for us.

That’s incredible.

GW: Yeah, and the island setting was a bonus. Yeah, and it just was perfect. It was very much us in those characters.

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Could this be the start of more team-up action movies for you two?

GW: We loved working together, so if the opportunity arises, why not?

Do you see these characters having more adventures?

GW: Absolutely, we’d love to do one of these every year.

Sounds like a plan. Now, amidst all the action sequences, which one was a highlight for each of you?

GW: I had a blast beating up a few people right before, well, you know, a crucial moment in the movie.

MJW: For me, it’s always a joy to engage in fight scenes with well-known martial artists. It’s like being a kid paid to have fun.

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Speaking of martial arts, how’s the training going?

MJW: It’s a lifestyle for me. Always trying to stay in shape. I always try to trim down. So you know, anytime you see me, it’s me. You know it’s like a fighter that gets ready for a fight. I always try to lean out before working. So the training is just a lifestyle. We love to go to the gym and we feel kind of like in balance if we do.

Gillian, you’re looking fantastic too. Can we expect to see you in more action roles? I can see an underground fight movie coming along, maybe like a female lead in Blood and Bone 2.

GW: Absolutely Oh, I’d love that, as long as the script is good and involves kicking some butt. I actually played an underground fighter on a TV show called the Cleaning Lady.,

So, Blood and Bone 2 Is that Dead in the Water now is it, or is there still a chance of seeing the return of Bone?

MJW: Yeah, I mean, it’s just about scheduling the time. I almost did it some years ago, but you know I’ve just been doing these other things. But that’s something that the writer, the original writer, and I have been talking about, and possibly doing it as a tell of these series.

That’d be brilliant. I could say it’d go in many places as a TV series. What’s next for both of you? Any updates on “Outlaw Johnny Black“?

MJW: It’s in the process of being distributed, but there are more projects in the pipeline.

GW: And Michael just directed a movie called “Trouble Man,” with an amazing cast, It’s an amazing cast – Method man, Mike Epps, Orlando Jones set to release in the fall. We’re keeping busy.

I must say, “The Island” is fantastic. It’s action-packed, gritty, and has heart.

GW: Thank you. We always strive to make our characters and scenes believable.

Well, thank you both for your time. Best of luck with “The Island” release in the UK.

Both: Thank you. Take care.

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