Midsomer Murders Series 10 – Murder, Mystery, Mayhem

DVD cover of the series Midsomer Murders Series 10.

Starring: John Nettles and Jason Hughes

This entertaining tenth series of Midsomer Murders features 8 more suspenseful episodes featuring John Nettles and Jason Hughes.

It’s Barnaby and Jones time again! In series nine, Jones has proven himself to be the best partner Barnaby has ever had, so seeing him return was an instant highlight. 

A female constable, Gail Stephens, played by Kirsty Dillon, was also introduced in this series. Our detective duo is complemented by Gail, a headstrong female lead, and it will be exciting to see her story unfold more next season.

There are some great episodes in the series, King’s Crystal is one of them. Jones plays a prominent role by using his knowledge of Freemasonry to solve the ceremonial killings. The Axeman Cometh plays out like a Scooby-Doo story, as a rock music festival comes to the village, and when the bands start becoming Midsomer Murdee’s, Barnaby investigates, will he discover the killer is one of his idols? Picture of Innocence, the pace of the episode differs from typical Midsomer episodes: a victim has been strangled to death, and all of the evidence points toward Barnaby as being the murderer. How is Barnaby going to clear his name? Could the curse of Midsomer have turned Barnaby into another stark raving citizen of the cursed village? 

A-listers drop by

Several notable stars have appeared in the series, including Sam Heughan, star of the hit show Outlander, and Andy McNab’s action film SAS: Red Notice. William Hope who starred in James Cameron’s Aliens, Hellraiser 2 and opposite Vin Diesel in xXx. Sam Hazeldine from Peaky Blinders is a recurring character throughout the tenth series. 

As with previous series, the tenth is still strong and the eight-episode formula works to the series’ advantage, so that it’s never stale. With Jones back and playing a prominent role, his character becomes a driving force and I can’t wait to see him again in the next series! Female constable Gail Stephens was a great addition to the show, and it’s great to have a female cop on the force. Her character is very strong, and we hope to see her in the next series.

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