Midsomer Murders: The Complete Series Seven Review

Daniel Casey, John Nettles, Jane Wymark

Synopsis: Includes Seven episodes from Series 7. The Green Man, Bad Tidings, The Fisher King, Sins of Commission, The Maid in Splendour, The Straw Woman, Ghosts of Christmas Past

Review: Midsomer Murders enters it’s seventh season which sees fan favourite Troy leave the series, he is replaced by Dan Scott who is from the city. At first Scott seems to look down on Barnaby and the residents, it’s not long before Barnaby sets him straight. 

Series seven features the usual beautiful locations of the UK countryside which are stunning, this series serves as promotional material for how great the countryside looks. I am sure the locations used have become hotspots for fans of the show. 

The production value doesn’t seem to have dropped, usually when shows reach higher series counts the values decline and even the writing, this isn’t the case with Midsomer Murders, everything so far is going strong and looking great. 

Some highlight episodes are The Green Man which has Henry Cavill guest star, this episode also marks the departure of Troy. For fans, this one will hit hard. Ghosts of Christmas Past has Barnaby escaping a quiet Christmas with the in-laws when a lady is murdered – this episode was really good! The Straw Woman gives off The Wicker Man vibes. When a man is burnt alive in a straw effigy it’s up to Barnaby and new partner Scott to investigate. 

Overall, the seventh series breathes new life into the series via the new character of Dan Scott, he is very different to Troy and it does take an episode or two before you fully warm to him. Nettles still nails the role of Barnaby and it’s becoming very clear why the series has lasted so long. The series may revolve around the murders but it’s all the characters that people love and invest in. Midsomer has never been stronger and the writing is still on point. 

Midsomer Murders DVDs out now courtesy of Acorn Media International, a division of AMC Networks Inc.