Nash Bridges – Don Johnson’s Explosive return to TV

Synopsis: Fun-loving San Francisco Police Department investigator Nash Bridges is part of the elite Special Investigations Unit. He tackles crime using his keen sense of humor and charm. Joe Dominguez comes out of retirement to become Bridges’ wisecracking yet more rule-abiding partner.

Nash Bridges is unique in that it balances action and comedy. While the show incorporates thrilling action sequences

Nash Bridges is an American crime drama series that aired on CBS from 1996 to 2001. Starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin, the show followed the work of Inspector Nash Bridges and his team as they worked to solve crimes in the city of San Francisco. With a total of 122 episodes over its six-season run, Nash Bridges was one of the longest-running crime dramas of its time.

The show’s main focus was on the relationship between Nash Bridges, a veteran inspector with the San Francisco Police Department, and Joe Dominguez, his former partner who had retired from the force. The two men often clashed over their different approaches to policing, with Nash favoring a more traditional approach while Joe advocated a more modern, street-smart approach. Nash was also supported by a team of fellow detectives, including Evie Roberts, Harvey Leek, and Cassidy Bridges, Nash’s daughter.

Nash Bridges is unique in that it balances action and comedy. While the show incorporates thrilling action sequences, it also has a lighter side, with plenty of humor courtesy of the show’s characters. As a result, the show is entertaining and engaging, and viewers are left wanting more.

Another great aspect of the show is its soundtrack. The show features a wide array of classic rock, blues, and jazz songs, which add to the show’s atmosphere.

The show featured a unique blend of crime drama and comedy, with a focus on the relationships between the characters. The show was known for its colorful and often humorous dialogue, and its frequent use of music from the 1960s and 70s. In addition, the show’s use of location shooting in San Francisco gave it a unique visual style.

Nash Bridges was a hit with viewers and critics alike, and was nominated for several Emmys and Golden Globes during its run. The show remains a favorite among fans of crime dramas and is still available to stream in many countries.

Don Johnson had another hit on his hands, proving his star power. Miami Vice and Nash Bridges were popular crime-fighting shows that captured audiences’ imaginations all over the world. While they had many similarities, there were also many differences that made them distinct from one another.


Overall, Nash Bridges was a great example of a classic crime drama, with a strong focus on the relationships between its characters and a unique visual style. With exciting action, and great soundtrack It’s no wonder that it remains a fan-favorite more than 20 years after it first aired.