Directed by: Mark Neveldine

Starring: Cole Hauser, Charlie Weber, Katie Katzman, Jackie Cruz, and Mel Gibson

Synopsis: Mel Gibson and Cole Hauser star in the edge-of-your-seat action thriller set during the political upheaval of 1989 Panama. When the U.S. is on the brink of invading Panama, a former marine (Hauser) is hired by a CIA operative (Gibson) for a top secret arms trade mission. Alone and among the most dangerous arms dealers, Becker (Hauser) learns the true nature of political power.

Review: Cole Hauser carves a path of destruction under the guidance of former comrade Mel Gibson in this explosive thriller!

The movies opening will automatically have fans hooked of old school action movies hooked. The opening features pictures throughout the Panama war and VHS tapes with cast and crew names on it, it all looks great and is instantly something you would expect from the director, Mark Neveldine.

When we first meet Cole Hauser’s character Becker he is a broken man who sleeps at his wife’s grave and drinks frequently. Mel Gibson plays Stark, who offers Becker a job and helps him get back on his feet. Together this duo is awesome, you instantly know that together they’re gonna be an absolute problem for anyone who comes up against them, which they prove to be.

Seeing Mel Gibson back in the action saddle after news he will return as Riggs in the final Lethal Weapon movie just pumped ten times the testosterone into the excitement canon, Gibson brings substance to any role he takes and in the action genre, he brings badass it life.

Panama is a great movie and we get some fist fights, shootouts and a motorcycle stunt sequence, but it doesn’t have violence of Neveldines previous work such as Crank or Gamer. The action is delivered when needed and it works to full effect, the story is engaging and over the top action wouldn’t fit the movie.

Overall, Panama is an explosive action thriller that has Mel Gibson and Cole Hauser at their badass and intimidating best! The tagline of this movie should have been “trust no-one”, as every character eventually becomes a suspect for the viewers as there are so many double crosses and everyone has their own agenda.
It would he great to see another movie with these characters, as I’m sure there is more stories to tell from all over the world.