Paranormal Activity – Ultimate Chills Collection review

This Halloween, the found footage horror classic, Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection is sure to haunt your house with all seven movies, available on Blu-ray in this amazing new boxset.

As one of the most recent successful horror franchises Paranormal Activity Although isn’t everyone’s flavour but it’s worth checking out if you like things that go bump in the night and shadows crawling across your bedroom walls. This colossal set features all seven creepy films in a 9-disc set.

Making Blum a House

There are not many horror films that spawn successful sequels and have cult followings in this genre, its mainly the slasher genre that takes credit for the majority of the horror franchises we love to date. Filmed on a shoestring budget the original found footage horror, Paranormal Activity, launched Jason Blum’s into name he is today in the horror genre, the majority of his success can be credited to the original movie.

A franchise divided

The franchise as a whole is loved by some but disliked by others. For the casual horror fan, there are some good jump scares and disturbing imagery to enjoy and will keep you up at night. There is no doubt these movies will question every bang and crash you hear in the house when you’re by yourself or if a breeze slightly blows your door open. Paranormal Activity has the lasting effect on the mind as it toys with the unknown. Slasher icons like Jason and Michael we can see, but in these movies, nothing is seen until its too late.

It’s hard to trump the first three movies due to the excellent storylines regarding the same family, after that the movies become standard fare, though still highly entertaining.  


This newly released box set is perfect for fans of the series and people who are wanting to dive in for the first time. The movie features all current movies, including the most recent that went straight to streaming. The set also features the movies in normal and unrated cuts which is a bonus. 

Paranormal Activity: The Ultimate Chills Collection is the perfect don’t for any horror fan and the perfect watch for a spooky Halloween night! 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.