Patrick Kilpatrick Interview


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Patrick, to begin What made you decide this was the right time in your career to write these books?

I felt after 35 years as an ’embedded journalist’ observer of working with the top acting and production talent that this was the time. I also wished to do a more solitary exercise since producing, film finance even teaching and acting involves so much collaboration with large groups of people. I had a lot of stories and they needed a home – from hilarity to brazen lack of craft and discipline by many stars. I was also courting a women so weekly I sent her several stories to entertain her.

Was it always intended to be released in two separate volumes?

No, its a decision that evolved over the course of polishing it for the publication. I had a nearly 600 page draft and I felt that was too long for modern readers. I’m very glad for that decision because I’ve learned so much regarding publication and publicity of books and this 2nd volume is the big Showbiz Hollywood payload without the entanglement of my upbringing. The 1st volume stands on its own but I think the sequel will surpass even that.

The first volume is such a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put the book down, there is so much detail. The most memorable bit, we’ll a highlight was the blond biker. He must have been your guardian angel right?

Thank you. Yes, I believe in miracles and destiny and I’ve had more than my share of miraculous signals, angels and events. For all life’s challenges angels do exist for all of us. We also have a choice on a momentary basis – shall I be and angel or a demon in life?

You detail life growing up. Car races, fist fights, plenty of lovers. You were practically living a fast and Furious life style. You also broke your back. How did it feel thinking you may never walk again?

To some extent that reality was hidden from me by my parents. I was more powerfully dealing with moment to moment pain, limitation of movement on a micro level. How do I reach that book? How do I make it through to the next morphine shot 4 hoursaway? How do I garner sleep when they are turning me over every two hours so I won’t develop bedsores?

Another focus on the book was the strained relationship with your mother, that must have made growing up a whole lot harder?

It was very tumultuous, almost like growing up in a war zone. The explosive attacks and 2am screaming. It was instrumental in my accelerating a personal independence and escape outward to the world. In retrospect it was also key to my developing my own moral code, and my devotion to reading – both forms of escape.
I watched Black Water recently and was pleasantly surprised to see you and Van Damme reunite. What was it like reuniting with Jean Claude after all these years?

As an observer of human nature its always nice to be there watching, and as an actor its always nice to work. I don’t think the years have served Jean Claude very well and I’m always astounded by name actors who go down the slippery slope of lack of discipline and inability to deliver the goods. Its all in the book, the funny, the sad, the ridiculous. Did I love the job, yes – its brilliant fodder for the books, I love the craft of acting (and those actors who perform) and the time spent in Mobile, Alabama.

I am excited to read Volume Two. Is there a current release set for it?
I’m hard at work polishing it. I hope certainly by upcoming fall 2019. We have first signings in Denver August 28th at Tattered Book Store and as part of the Telluride Film Festival at Between the Covers Book Store in Telluride on Sept. 2.

Are there any plans for a breather after spending time balancing writing with acting and writing?

In May I’m going to Cartagena, Colombia and the Caribbean island of Bonaire for about three weeks. That should recharge me after the prep for publication. I really think after the publicity tour for Vol. 2 I’ll take an easy look at life to see where my energies need to proceed. I can usually find a reason to act.

I can’t wait to read volume two and I watch future releases of yours, before we go is there anything up and coming you would like to tell us about?

Fingers crossed on the upcoming release of the films Catalyst and Night Walk. I’m a pedophile priest in Catalyst and a resounding hate filled prison monster in Night Walk.

Thank you so much for talking with me Patrick is was truly an honor. Thank you.
Thank you.


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